What’s the true cause behind the “Curse of Norm Macdonald Live”?

Why so many deaths between 2020-2022? Coincidence?

I came across a YouTube video yesterday, titled The Curse of Norm Macdonald Live, and thought it would be proper to share it with my readers. Although this YouTuber offers a rather unconventional theory behind all these untimely deaths, I submit there’s a rather more mundane idea.

Most of these deaths came during a time when the covid scam greatly limited the people’s access to proper healthcare and subsequent to when the injections were forced on a fractured and confused populace. Please understand there is a lot of graphic material, so please be aware.

For those who think this is hogwash, I submit they obviously were not in on the well publicized depopulation and sterilization joke and were victimized themselves. Each injected politically correct lab rat now has an accelerated expiration date. Moreover, while each of these specimens waits for its moment, the pharmaceutical firms and healthcare companies will gleefully bleed them dry as they continue to get sicker.  Enjoy the new world order as the old one has already burned to the ground. I saw another glimpse of our future on Thanksgiving at the dining table and in front of the TV.

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One thought on “What’s the true cause behind the “Curse of Norm Macdonald Live”?

  1. Milli cabinet is being packed with white Spanish Wall Street insiders. They intend to privatize everything and throw the carcass to the government-addicted idiot citizens. Smart.

    The people there are as misguided as the multicolored morons in the states. White Wall Street insiders pick apart this country and tell us to play nice with each other or else we’re racist. The world is full to the brim with loud and proud morons while it burns to the ground and they lose everything the white Western Christians built.

    I only have Netflix and Prime, so I don’t watch commercials per se. Okay… I was over a friend’s house for Thanksgiving, which overlooks the Potomac River near Mount Vernon, and we were watching the first quarter of the Dallas Washington football game. Holy moly! What a social psyop. Blacks were in almost every commercial (90%). Every family was mixed. I mean every family. My friend, whose net worth is well over 10mm and lives in a 9,000 sq ft. house, turned to me and asked if there were anymore whites left… I told him to just continue making money off their backs as this agenda is way above our pay grades.

    Be the landlord, own the stocks and charge full market rent.

    Stocks in Argentina loved the news as there will be no frugality and austerity.

    Markets Cheer as Milei Drops Dollarization for Macri Brass

    (Bloomberg) — In the blink of an eye, Argentine President-elect Javier Milei pivoted away from advisers advocating for his most dramatic campaign promises, choosing Wall Street veterans closer to former leader Mauricio Macri.

    Milei’s boldest campaign proposals — dollarization and closing the central bank — appear at least on hold for now amid a staffing shake up. Milei distanced himself from his dollarization guru, Emilio Ocampo, and on Friday another hawkish adviser from early in the campaign, Carlos Rodriguez, announced on X he was departing. Milei had repeatedly said he’d name Ocampo to lead Argentina’s central bank, though he reiterated Friday that closing the institution was “non-negotiable.”

    In their place, Milei’s economic team is being led by Luis Caputo and Demian Reidel, two former Wall Street veterans who held key posts during Macri’s presidency from 2015 to 2019.

    Local media also reported Milei would appoint his former rival during the election, Patricia Bullrich, as security minister, a post she held in Macri’s government too.

    Argentina’s dollar bonds extended their rally Friday on signs of Milei’s more moderate stance. Securities due 2030, some of the most liquid, jumped more than two cents, pacing gains in emerging markets. Notes have jumped across the curve since Monday, with bonds maturing in 2046 up more than five cents, the best week since July 2022 — though the debt still trades at distressed levels, with bonds exchanging hands between 30 and 37 cents on the dollar.

    The rally was not restrained to sovereign debt. The country’s benchmark stock index, the Merval, rose 42%, the biggest weekly gain since 1991. The Global X MSCI Argentina ETF, meanwhile, jumped 16% in the same period to a record.

    As Milei gets closer to Macri’s team, it’s a sign that while the president-elect “will bring change, it might not be as radical a change as espoused during his campaign,” said Jeff Grills, the head of emerging markets debt at Aegon Asset Management in Chicago.

    “It’s also a holiday-shortened week, so any buying will exacerbate moves a bit as there isn’t much flow to offset the demand for Argentina being seen today,” Grills added.

    While markets welcomed Milei’s election and concerns about a surge in withdrawals amid his pledge to dollarize the economy failed to materialize, banks are fleeing to one-day notes in order to guarantee liquidity.

    Lenders rolled over only 10% of the 1.8 trillion pesos of so-called Leliq notes offered by the central bank at auction Thursday, according to people with direct knowledge of the matter. That’s down from 40% in the Tuesday sale, which was already a sharp pullback from before the vote.

    The concern is if banks continue to flee the so-called Leliqs, which have 28-day maturities and are used by the central bank to absorb pesos, it could unleash more pesos into the economy, adding pressure on the parallel exchange rate and boosting inflation that’s already at 143% a year.

    No Jump to the Void

    Speculation of Caputo joining Milei’s government as economic chief demonstrates Macri’s support, “filling most of the blanks and significantly reducing the feeling of jump to the void,” according to Javier Casabal, a fixed income strategist at Adcap securities.

    To be sure, the president-elect still has to officially confirm who will be the key members of his economic team. Caputo, a former finance chief under Macri, appears among the most likely candidates to take over as economy minister after the transition, two people with direct knowledge of the matter told Bloomberg News on Thursday. Caputo met with bank executives in Buenos Aires Friday to discuss Milei’s economic plans.

    Reidel, in the meantime, is being mentioned as candidate to lead Argentina’s central bank instead of Ocampo, local press reported. Milei said during the campaign that Ocampo, who’s an expert on dollarization, would be his central bank chief with the task of shutting down the institution.

    Milei also softened his stance on China and Brazil after threatening to cut diplomatic ties on the campaign trail. He even thanked Xi Jinping for a congratulatory letter, invited Brazil’s Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva to his inauguration and took a call from Pope Francis, who he’d lambasted in the past. Even though Milei called the Chinese government “an assassin,” his foreign policy adviser, Diana Mondino, said the media over-blew the comments.

    From economics to foreign policy, the new tone shows Milei’s pragmatic approach to governing a fragmented congress where he’ll need the business-friendly opposition party to get any reforms done.

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