Continually rising asset prices; a simple explanation

I was recently asked whether we’d see another 2008 style collapse again. My answer is, no.

There was a specific reason why we had to endure the 2008 financial market collapse. At the time, the borrowing requirements of the world had for the first time surpassed the world’s net savings rate. In essence, the borrowing needs of the globe had surpassed the world’s ability to lend.

Regardless of presidential regime, the trajectory of debt outstanding under QE escalates. The fiscal authorities are no longer concerned about foreigner debt ownership or the world’s ability to lend.

As a result of the monetary schemes that were implemented in the wake of 2008 (e.g. QE, IOER, BTFP, etc. etc.) Central Bank programs allowed the nation states to indulge in their self-destructive, politically correct, and profligate ways. The sovereign nation states were no longer constrained by the world’s ability to lend to them. Countries like the United States no longer needed to concern itself with how much of its debt was held by the CCP. As a matter of national security, the United States government working with the Federal Reserve has been able to build a firewall around their borrowing needs and the debt markets.

Essentially, these nation states, working with the central banks, are free to spend whatever they wish to spend, and if recalcitrant nations wish to dispose of their enemy’s debt securities, hardly a ripple will form along the yield curve.

Today, we find the various forms of the QE phenomenon present in most nations, including Communist China, Russia, Western Europe, Japan, Britain, the former Commonwealth nations, as well as the United States. This observation alone has convinced me a long time ago that the upcoming global conflict will be all staged as all of the major players are owned and managed by their privately owned central banks.

The S&P 500 explodes past 5,000

Indeed, all of this fiscal deficit spending, and the concomitant sovereign debt securities that are generated, will find a home in one of the various Central Bank funding schemes that have been implemented over the past 15 years. These sovereign debt securities, such as US Treasuries, are negotiable debt instruments that can be used as collateral to buy other assets. The money that also is generated and spent by the governing authorities, along with these offsetting debt securities, will eventually find its way onto the balance sheets of those entities and people which can most effectively capture this spending as retained profit.

Despite fears of an economic slowdown, corporate profits continued to grow. The largest firms are well positioned to benefit from QE deficit spending and consolidate their market share
Funding needs remain intact, currency confidence crumbles

As time moves forward and the levels of public debt increase, the underlying confidence in the currencies wane. Though the central banks will devise schemes that will continually facilitate these ever-rising levels of public debt, the confidence in these underlying currencies will continue to fade. As a result, we will begin to see monetary velocity measurements increase as holders of these currencies will wish to spend them more quickly and invest them into assets that can capture this increased spending.

Making matters worse for those Americans who are below the 90th percentile of balance sheet wealth, their misery will be compounded as foreigners look to offload their stash of greenbacks. Of course, dollar based assets will be the prime choice of these foreigners. This is also another reason why we continue to observe ever rising mega cap stock and residential real estate prices, affordability constraints be damned.

The Central Bank engineers, such as Ben Bernanke, were very clever in designing the QE concept. They all knew that the result would be what we see today, and that is a world in which the most powerful continued to consolidate their wealth over the masses. This was the pattern I outlined as far back as 2012 when I determined that the QE concept was here to stay.

As long the privately owned central banks can control the QE global monetary scheme, I submit we are nowhere near the end of the price increases. As long as the owners of the central banks control the media and the business outlets, the QE concept will continue its conquest over humanity.

The wealth and power of the world must be consolidated going into the Great Reset for 2030. If the reader is arguing from incredulity about the sustainability of QE, I submit that there is a global force that is fully intact as I write these words. Any hope I had of world government unraveling ended in 2020 with the manufactured covid crisis.  As many as six billion people willingly received an “experimental” injection. Of course, these injections were not experimental, but were specifically designed to be slow kill and debilitating bioweapons. The only reason why four to five major pharmaceutical firms were able to supply these soft kill weapons was because the formulations were owned and licensed out by the DoD and the Pentagon. Whatever was in those needles was waiting for the proper rollout. Every nation was on board. There were no exceptions.

Based on Donald Trump’s first term as president, regardless of whoever’s elected president, public debt outstanding will continue to rise as a golem to consume the populace. Despite any rhetoric to the contrary, there is no one to help the common man, and the only advice I give to the reader is to continue owning and accumulating income generating assets.

Truly I say to you, the only outcomes that are going to stop this steamroller will be  Wormwood striking, Jacob’s trouble from an out of control WWIII along the lines of Ezekiel 38 & 39, or Jesus’s second coming.

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34 thoughts on “Continually rising asset prices; a simple explanation

  1. Thought I would post an interesting perspective from the Orthodox point of view regarding the conflicts in Ukraine, Israel and of course thoughts on the NWO.

    There is a lot of truth here but note this: We all know Putin was KGB. And for any of us who have pre communist Russian roots, he and the entire Russian gov’t are suspect regardless how nice they are in the media. This also goes for the Moscow Patriarch. It’s wrong to judge but one must be aware. For me there must be a distinction between pre 1917 Holy Russia and the murdering Soviet empire that followed. St. Tikhon anathematized the Soviet authority and that’s all I need to know. Every person born post 1917 and remained under that regime underwent decades of reeducation and massive reformation away form all things that defined Holy Russia. Of course many fled and remained true to the one Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church but many did not.

    Hierarchs must rise above personal and political interests: Met. Neophytos on Ukraine, Putin, New World Order

    The Western elites, the New World Order, and the demonic forces that drive them are very active in the world today, as seen in the war and ecclesiastical situation in Ukraine and other manifestations, says His Eminence Metropolitan Neophytos of Morphou.

    The hierarch of the Cypriot Orthodox Church gave an interview to the Russian TASS agency that was published yesterday in which he discussed Tucker Carlson’s interview with President Vladimir Putin, Ukraine, the relationship between the Russian and Cypriot Churches, and more.

    Met. Neophytos notes that he watched President Putin’s interview with Tucker Carlson because he “tries to listen to interviews with people who determine the history of the world… who determine thoughts, decisions, actions, right deeds and mistakes.”

    He explains that he feels close to President Putin even though they’ve never met, and that he prays for him and other top Russian politicians at every Divine Liturgy at the request of Svetlana Medvedeva, wife of former Prime Minister and President Dmitry Medvedev.

    His Eminence notes that he was impressed by the historical overview that President Putin presented to Carlson. “This is purely Byzantine and Eastern,” he said, because only leaders of ancient nations “can talk about modern events in an historical context,” whereas Westerners “proceed from the understanding that politics is primarily concerned with money, pipelines, geostrategic and geopolitical interests.”

    In His Eminence’s view, the interview showed that the Russian head of state “doesn’t want war—he wants peace,” while it is the Western elites who want war.

    Further, he states that as hierarchs of the Church, their concern should not be about how to get Russian pilgrims to Cyprus without direct flights, but rather “eliminating the disunity, the split between Greek and Russian Orthodoxy that arose after the granting of autocephaly to Ukraine.”

    Many unfortunately look at pilgrimage as tourism and an opportunity to make money, “however, a true Orthodox has much deeper motives—he ascends to Heaven during a pilgrimage,” the Cypriot hierarch said.

    In any case, the ban on direct flights between Russia and Cyprus “was introduced by Western elites” and “their master is Satan, who doesn’t want ties between people, doesn’t want pilgrimages, and opposes the holy Orthodox Liturgy.”

    And concerning the issue of Russians living in occupied Northern Cyprus, Met. Neophytos warns: “May there not be a big mistake on the part of the Russian Patriarchate … in sending their priests to occupied Cyprus. Then the problem will turn from a political one into a spiritual one.”

    Concerning the Church situation in Ukraine, the Metropolitan repeats his well-known stance of recognizing only the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church and its ascetic primate His Beatitude Metropolitan Onuphry of Kiev and All Ukraine.

    According to Met. Neophytos, God sends virtuous primates to Local Churches that are undergoing trials. For example, the Serbian Church was led by His Holiness Patriarch Pavle during the NATO bombing in 2000, and now the Ukrainian Church is led by Met. Onuphry. Meanwhile, the schismatics of the “Orthodox Church of Ukraine” should show Orthodox obedience and repent of their sins before Met. Onuphry, says the Cypriot Metropolitan, but “they show arrogance and satanic demonism.”

    A serious problem in the Church today is that Synods, primates, and bishops don’t always follow Church guidelines, but often proceed from national interest. “The policy of the Ecumenical Patriarchate … proceeds from national criteria,” Met. Neophytos states. “You see, this is a very big problem—the connection between the Orthodox faith and national consensus. The Russians have the same problem, and the Serbs have the same problem.”

    “And where Church decisions fail to convey the truth of Christ to the people, the Lord humbly provides an opportunity for politicians, the military, and economists to implement their own plans…,” His Eminence states.

    Hierarchs must rise above personal and political interests “and not cooperate with the KGB, the CIA, or the Cypriot Intelligence Service, to be an open person who relies on the Holy Gospel and the canons of the Orthodox Church.”

    And turning to the war in Ukraine, His Eminence points to the New World Order and the demonic forces underlying it:

    The war that is happening now isn’t a war with NATO. This is a war against demonic forces and their energy. The Orthodox must understand this. Therefore, they [representatives of the new world order] undertook to separate us so that we would quarrel with each other. Weaken us. What for? Because only Orthodox service to the Lord gives birth to saints. Demons and the New World Order are afraid of saints…

    The legalization of gay marriage, digital identity cards, and COVID vaccines are all part of the New World Order plans, Met. Neophytos explains. He continues:

    Various geophysical cataclysms are coming, which will occur in America, Europe, and Asia, and their consequences will be terribly catastrophic. And at the very end they will escalate into a world war. When the Israelis strike Iran’s nuclear program, countries such as Russia and China will be obliged to respond. The prophecies of the saints say that nuclear weapons will be used. And the most dramatic thing is, you know what? That Russia and China don’t want this. This is what the New World Order really wants. They push them, put pressure on them to do it, to then say, “It’s their fault!” We said that the goal of the New World Order is to reduce the world’s population. Therefore, nuclear weapons and world war, like epidemics, are an excuse for them.

    Finally, addressing the question of restoring communion and dialogue between the Russian Church and the Cypriot primate and other hierarchs who recognize the Ukrainian schismatics, His Eminence states: “Understand what I said earlier. Epidemics, world wars, earthquakes, floods—all those events that will lead a man to kneel and repent before Christ are already knocking on the door…”

  2. Remember that negroid on Caucasian violent crime is eight times higher than Caucasian on negroid crime. Eight times higher and that’s from the FBI.

    Man who murdered two Burnsville Police officers and one fireman.

    There is nothing worse than a person with a lower intellectual capacity being trained by the synagogue of Satan media to believe Caucasians are the reason for his problems. It never works out well, which is why the negroids commit so many many more racially motivated crimes. As this world wraps things up, I am warning my readers to absolutely Avoid negros if you are Caucasian. It will not end well for you.

    Low IQs and a grudge never end well. Here is Cortez chillaxin’ whilst on government handouts. Here he is spotted contemplating which Caucasians he will kill next.

    1. In addition, Chinese people are very difficult too. Beware of doing business with them. They try to lowball your price and add extra demands if you are selling to them and if you ever buy from them they way overstate the product quality and overcharge. Chinese corporate accounting is highly dishonest as they overstate assets and profits and understate expenses. The Chinese attitude is to take with whatever they can get away with. I am not speaking about other asians but only the Chinese mostly from the mainland.

      As far as blacks go, I would definitely keep away from the ones that come from poor or working class inner city areas as they definitely have that attitude against whites. I felt that attitude the few times I have visited Philadelphia, PA.

  3. Manufactured crises beget more manufactured crises….

    New Zealand Treasury Secretary Warns of Growing Fiscal Pressures

    (Bloomberg) — New Zealand Treasury Secretary Caralee McLiesh has issued a warning about the state of the country’s finances, saying it needs to address long-term fiscal pressures now even as persistent budget deficits make that more difficult.

    “This is not about the distant future,” McLiesh said in a keynote address to the New Zealand Economics Forum at Waikato University on Friday. “The long-term fiscal pressures Treasury has been calling attention to for some time are now here. And those challenges are being exacerbated by the structural deficit that has emerged in recent years.”

    The warning comes as the government appears to be laying the groundwork for bigger cuts to spending in its May budget than previously flagged. Finance Minister Nicola Willis said last week that revenue projections could decline further as the economy weakens, and Prime Minister Christopher Luxon said yesterday that a return to “the orthodoxy of tight budgets” is necessary.

    Luxon highlighted the NZ$7.5 billion ($4.6 billion) of savings announced by Willis in a mini-budget in December and said “there will be more where that came from, I can tell you.”

    ‘Unsustainable’ Deficits

    After increasing government spending and borrowing during the pandemic, New Zealand is now forecast to run seven straight years of budget deficits through 2026.

    “As New Zealand is running deficits throughout the economic cycle, the country is now best described as having a structural fiscal deficit,” McLiesh said. “This will prove unsustainable unless change is made.”

    New Zealand’s post-Covid experience was one of continued deficits despite economic overheating and inflation — normally conditions in which fiscal policy would be expected to be “at its tightest,” she said.

    “Fiscal policy has been tightening, but not rapidly enough for fiscal policy to make its optimal contribution to stabilizing the macro-economy,” McLiesh said.

    She noted there may be trade-offs between reducing budget deficits more quickly and the desire to achieve government objectives and improve living standards.

    “In today’s context, a faster consolidation will support monetary policy to bring down inflation and improve sustainability but may pose trade-offs with government services and priorities,” McLiesh said. “It’s a key consideration in setting targets to return to surplus.”

    Mounting Costs

    Like many other countries, New Zealand also faces an aging population, which is driving up costs for health care and universal state pensions.

    McLiesh said gross New Zealand Superannuation benefits cost about NZ$20 billion last year and are the fastest growing expense item, projected to rise to 7.7% of GDP by 2061. Health costs are forecast to rise to 10% of GDP over the same period, she said.

    In addition to these long-standing issues, new challenges have risen in prominence such as geopolitical risks that could damp economic growth prospects via deterioration in trade opportunities or the terms of trade, McLiesh said. The government’s finances could also be directly affected if a less secure world leads to more defense and security spending.

    “These challenges illustrate that achieving sustainability in our public finances will require either tight control of expenditure growth, stronger revenue growth, or both,” she said.

  4. Economic activity data below, while price data much higher than expected… NG….

    PPI ex. Food/Energy/Transport (YoY) (Jan)
    Act: 2.6% Cons: Prev: 2.6%

    PPI ex. Food/Energy/Transport (MoM) (Jan)
    Act: 0.6% Cons: 0.1% Prev: 0.2%

    Building Permits (MoM) (Jan)
    Act: -1.5% Cons: 1.3% Prev: 1.8%

    Building Permits (Jan)
    Act: 1.470M Cons: 1.509M Prev: 1.493M

    Core PPI (MoM) (Jan)
    Act: 0.5% Cons: 0.1% Prev: -0.1%

    Core PPI (YoY) (Jan)
    Act: 2.0% Cons: 1.6% Prev: 1.7%

    Housing Starts (MoM) (Jan)
    Act: -14.8% Cons: 0.0% Prev: 3.3%

    Housing Starts (Jan)
    Act: 1.331M Cons: 1.450M Prev: 1.562M

    PPI (YoY) (Jan)
    Act: 0.9% Cons: 0.6% Prev: 1.0%

    PPI (MoM) (Jan)
    Act: 0.3% Cons: 0.1% Prev: -0.1%

  5. Import/export price index data much hotter than expected… Philly Fed hotter, with prices paid higher than expected while employment came in weaker … Empire State index better than consensus… Jobless claims lower… Retail Sales much worse, but a give back when compared to last month’s print. Overall, I see these data points as a slight positive to the trades today. Retail Sales having the biggest influence.

    Export Price Index (MoM) (Jan)
    Act: 0.8% Cons: -0.1% Prev: -0.7%

    Import Price Index (MoM) (Jan)
    Act: 0.8% Cons: 0.0% Prev: -0.7%

    Initial Jobless Claims
    Act: 212K Cons: 219K Prev: 220K

    Jobless Claims 4-Week Avg.
    Act: 218.50K Cons: Prev: 212.75K

    NY Empire State Manufacturing Index (Feb)
    Act: -2.40 Cons: -13.70 Prev: -43.70

    Philadelphia Fed Manufacturing Index (Feb)
    Act: 5.2 Cons: -8.0 Prev: -10.6

    Philly Fed Business Conditions (Feb)
    Act: 7.2 Cons: Prev: -4.0

    Philly Fed CAPEX Index (Feb)
    Act: 12.70 Cons: Prev: 7.50

    Philly Fed Employment (Feb)
    Act: -10.3 Cons: Prev: -1.8

    Philly Fed New Orders (Feb)
    Act: -5.2 Cons: Prev: -17.9

    Philly Fed Prices Paid (Feb)
    Act: 16.60 Cons: Prev: 11.30

    Retail Control (MoM) (Jan)
    Act: -0.4% Cons: Prev: 0.6%

    Retail Sales (MoM) (Jan)
    Act: -0.8% Cons: -0.2% Prev: 0.4%

    Retail Sales Ex Gas/Autos (MoM) (Jan)
    Act: -0.5% Cons: Prev: 0.6%

  6. Here is a good reason to be a landlord. Check out this CNBC article.

    The mainstream media is pushing the advantages of renting and disadvantages of homeownership.
    The younger generation does not care for the responsibility and stability of homeownership. They are asking for soylent green scenario. Why not make money off these politically correct degenerates by owning their living spaces.

    1. You are absolutely correct. It is amazing how the propaganda is placed. Now it says we can be millionaires and rent. It sounds like she sold her entire rental portfolio. She’s very foolish, and that’s because she believes the lies of the MSM. She could have kept her properties and enjoyed a tasty cash flow, while renting. Like many others I’ve come across, they see how much their rental properties have gone up and they immediately cash out.

      On the properties that I will increase rents this year, I think they are going up at least $12,000. And passive income receives exceptional tax treatment.

        1. No SS, nor all the other earnings taxes. Besides, I continually put money into the properties on an ongoing basis to raise market values. Most of that extra passve income is not even taxable.

    2. That looks like the same story I posed here a while back. And yes, I’m shaking my head. Propaganda is powerful. Imagine if Lenin and Trotsky had the internet.

      1. The Jewish synagogue of Satan does have control of the internet today. Ask Lenin what he thought of the Gosbank, the central bank of the Soviet Union. The same owner families also own the Federal Reserve. Don’t wait for a collapse and transformation, it already happened.

  7. We got a letter from a small customer that they are going out of business and cannot pay their balance owing. We always expect this and keep clients on a short credit leash, particularly these days with the COVID government small business loans now due. We accept productive assets like tools, equipment, fixtures etc as a trade for balances owing and try to get there first when this happens. I’ve gotten good at identifying things i can use that likely have no book value so its easy to bargain.

    1. If the cash dries up or alternatively gets inflated to worthlessness then bartering is an excellent way to go. My cousin in rural northern Maine barters by drilling wells for people in exchange for other services or equipment that he could use. In the early nineties when the economy was slow, there use to be a lot of barter clubs where people would exchange goods and services with each other instead of cash. Great way to conserve cash.

      Unfortunately, the IRS started cracking down on these barter clubs accusing them of tax abuse and many of these clubs folded up as a result. The Feds hate bartering because it is hard to track for tax purposes. Talk about government repression.

      1. We do some limited trading with other food producers, but other than that not so much. Better if everyone just pays their bills using the current unit of account. In this case it’s a matter of taking the boots while the body is still warm because going through the legal bankruptcy process yields zero.

  8. Holy moly! CPI data is hot hot hot. Rents keep rising hot…

    Remember, none of this was a mistake.

    CPI Owner Equivalent Rent (MoM) (Jan)
    Act. 0.6% Cons: 0.3%

    Core CPI (MoM) (Jan)
    Act: 0.4% Cons: 0.3% Prev: 0.3%

    Core CPI (YoY) (Jan)
    Act: 3.9% Cons: 3.7% Prev: 3.9%

    Core CPI Index (Jan)
    Act: 314.44 Cons: 314.08 Prev: 313.21

    CPI (YoY) (Jan)
    Act: 3.1% Cons: 2.9% Prev: 3.4%

    CPI (MoM) (Jan)
    Act: 0.3% Cons: 0.2% Prev: 0.2%

    CPI Index, n.s.a. (Jan)
    Act: 308.42 Cons: 307.99 Prev: 306.75

    CPI, n.s.a (MoM) (Jan)
    Act: 0.54% Cons: Prev: -0.10%

    Real Earnings (MoM) (Jan)
    Act: -0.3% Cons: Prev: -0.1%

    1. Perhaps we should recalibrate our yield curve expectations. Inflation has been very stubborn this past year and doesn’t seem to want to fall below current levels.

    2. Inflation is not going away. All this talk by the talking heads on MSNBC about inflation coming down in the future is just a deliberate cover to distract people from the truth that inflation will keep up and get worse. Raising taxes is political suicide for any politician. So why not tax people stealthily by printing more money that causes inflation. In fact money printing is really the most regressive tax on the earth as it hits wage earners who don’t own income producing assets the hardest. No doubt that this is deliberate and genius by those asset owners at the top.

      1. Unlimited immigration into the US both illegal and legal through H1B visas will keep real wages down. Those without assets will suffer big time. Soylent green is here.



    Good luck waiting for a dollar collapse. When we look at the explosion in the production of domestic oil, we have to conclude that the Biden anti-oil campaign is complete bunk. Despite Biden’s ostensible hostility towards the oil and gas industries, domestic energy producers have experienced the most fortuitous times in history while Biden has been president. Just look at the results and the bottom line.

    1. In Canada, all the school boards are switching to electric busses from diesel. I was just talking to the local cable installer and he said his girlfriend is driving a new $600k electric bus. It was retrofitted last week with a diesel heater and 100 gal. fuel tank to keep the kids warm – it was towed back three times because the electric cabin heaters drained the battery during a pretty mild winter. What a boondoggle.

      1. All built on QE. The bottom 80% pay for all of this through a degraded standard of living in which they don’t have the assets to overcome the punishing indirect taxation called inflation. Instead of the federal government taking money out of our pockets directly through taxes, it quietly destroys the financial futures of the citizenry through back door money printing to pay for the woke Great Reset.

  10. A most interesting, articulate and well thought out post, Tom. Thank you.
    Biblical “Wormwood” (the asteroid/comet) is set to hit the earth in April 2029, according to certain authorities. However, this asteroid/comet is called “Apophis” by NASA, and they have nervously said, with trepidation, it will “narrowly miss earth”. Why then, are Gates, Zuckerberg and others building underground bunkers in Hawaii and New Zealand? Revelation 6:15
    “….hid themselves in the dens….” as the “stars of heaven fell unto the earth…” vs 13. Surely the elites know what is coming.

    However, your point is well taken about the asset markets. We have still some room to run….despite so many calls for a crash in April, and now it is May….no, September, as SO many market “experts” tell us in Zero Hedge, Jeff Rense, Martin Armstrong and others.

    1. I am guessing you noted the all time high on BOJ balance sheet update. To your point, If theirs doesn’t blow up why would the FEDs?

      Onward and upward.

    1. I marvel at people like Putin and the pro-Russian outfits of Zerohedge and Infowars who exclaim the dollar is dying and there is an alternative. They spew a bunch of non sequitur malarkey.

      Take a look at the Russian ruble against the USD over the past 10 years. The ruble is down 61% in value vs. the USD

      The Chinese yuan renminbi is down 16% over the past ten years vs. the USD

      Which currencies are really dying?

    2. Speaking of Sunday afternoon football, there was a large earth facing solar flare today, it should hit tomorrow at about 2:00 pm I believe.

      The site has actually been good at disproving media hype regarding solar flares over the years. Maybe we get our manufactured crisis soon, plenty of distraction with media puppets as you point out.

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