Death and disease are coming soon to many more people

The pale horse and the continual collapse ol the black horse

A fellow brother in Christ and long time reader of my work contacted me last week to tell me his uninjected daughter has been struggling with a recently diagnosed case of a rare form of cancer. I have been praying for his family and daughter all week, and while this is very sad, others have since told me that their immediate family members are being diagnosed with cancer, too. A woman whom I correspond with through this blog contacted me last night to tell me her husband is fighting stage 3 rectal cancer.

For those who kept yammering about how there’s no such things as viruses, my observations speak otherwise . I came down with a terrible case of COVID early in 2020, and within the next 18 months began to develop psoriasis and now have been getting psoriatic arthritis. These things never were an issue in my family. My immune system is actually robust, rather than the other way around. It’s too robust, I guess.

These people who’ve contacted me about these cancers tell me their family members weren’t injected either.

I pray several times a day, but at some point, the prayers can’t overcome what is happening. Jesus please come soon as it is clear there will be no pre Tribulation rapture.

One by one

I spent a few days by the ocean in Chincoteague, VA last month with the family of a good friend. This friend who is two years my junior has recently adopted the YOLO method to living, because she, too, was recently diagnosed with cancer. While her prognosis seems better as her case is in remission, she is now a slave to the medical industrial complex. She and I go back to the Nasdaq days of the mid-90s where we both worked.  They own a beautiful condo there and it was very peaceful as the Island population is more than 95% Caucasian. There are no mixed breeds either. People still leave valuables laying around while gas stations and retail establishments store inventory unlocked on sidewalks and in parking lots.

I digress… While at dinner, my friend who is somewhat active on Facebook and keeps in touch with those people from that time, relayed to me all the people who had recently died. Most of them died in the past few years from cancer. One after another….

FYI three of four of my sisters have gotten cancer. Both my parents died of it or were struggling with it when they both died. I take a number of prophylactic measures to help me in my ongoing health matters. First, I eat 15-16 bitter apricot kernels a day. I also take about 400mg fenbendazole a day as well.

God help my people; my fellow European Caucasian brothers and sisters in Christ. I don’t bother praying for the world nor waste my time praying for the other races. The other races have been bred and engineered to hate my fellow white people anyway. I concentrate on my praying for my family, friends, and readers. While the NT-only Christians proclaim we should pray for everybody, the Bible speaks otherwise.

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  1. Sister-in-law had a stroke, the church bulletin was full of cancer, and our 36 year old neighbor just died in her sleep. They’re reducing the population.

    Try s-acetyl-gutathione for cancer prevention – it’s what I’m taking. Everything is toxic now – even the air we breathe.

    I do believe that God may not be pleased if we don’t love those of all colors tho, so please be careful. The first church I ever went to was an all-black church and those women were the nicest, most welcoming, godly women I’ve come across. The color of one’s skin doesn’t mean anything. They’re either a godly person or ungodly. The worst thing ever done to me was done by a woman holding a high position in her church. We’re in an evil world and Satan can enter anyone.

    1. Indeed. Unfortunately, all different people have never been able to settle their differences and keep a country stable and strong against the enemy. The minorities are always used by the enemy as useful idiots to suppress the rights of the majority.

      We are very careful here. So careful that the multibreeds have been used by Satan to demoralize and reengineer the West. It’s a job that the NT-only Christians have fallen for, especially those who defer to Paul for everything.

      Okay I make an existential observation and ask you… At this point, with this multicultural attitude, I ask the reader one question; why bother having national borders anymore? Since we are all the same and God loves everyone, we should just have a one world government where the assets are all split evenly.

      Western women even think white men are holding them back. The family unit has been destroyed by feminism, egalitarianism, racial and social justice, etc. and are all Marxist programmes designed to shatter culture, family, and reengineer it into the desired product, a one world goy government. Christians today are functional Buddhists who fornicate with other peoples and rely on Paul to justify their twisted mindset. Then they wonder why the world is heading in the direction it’s heading. What willful stupidity!

      These communist useful idiots are very liberal and vote for the massive social largesse that is bankrupting the nation state concept. Which way do you want it? We can’t have it both ways. That only works with Satan and the Schofield ideas. 80% of the America Caucasians are looking at DC in horror as it spends the nation state into the NWO Great Reset. 80% of the others keep looking for the Marxism to continue. That’s because they easily believe lies.

      Why is this multiculturalism always designed to destroy Western Caucasian culture? We are not trying to destroy other cultures, only white Christian culture… Hmm. I see less white babies and plenty of darker skinned ones. Of course, this was a communist directive. You should rejoice, the job is almost complete and the man of perdition should appear anytime now. He you will embrace. He will espouse the very things the white haters embrace.

      The useful idiots in the population always fall for Marxist doctrine. Ask the average honest black guy and he would support 8 of 10 planks of the manifesto and tell you whitey is the cause of his grief. So, if we’re all the same I say the reader should buy a home in a black neighborhood. That real estate is selling for at least 50% less.

      Look at India, China, Africa, Japan, SE Asia, etc. Look at the South American nations. None of them have been balkanized and none of them have had Paul’s Epistles used against them by the enemy like the US, Canada, and Western Europe.

      The few readers left in this blog have already figured this out.

      I ask you why that is.

      1. You are right – the powers that be are using minorities to weaponize them against us. There are minorities who see through it though – many minorities have learned not to trust the government and media, and with good reason. I’ve seen videos of blacks go before school boards and tell them that they don’t want their child to be indoctrinated with the mindset that they’re a victim. It’s just all sad. They’re brainwashing youth openly.

        I’m not advanced enough in bible study to speak about multiculturalism. We know from history that it has not worked and we know that God scrambled the tongues of people so they couldn’t communicate. That’s about all I know on it. But I would rather have a godly black family live next door than an ungodly white family – and vice versa. God tells us we’re only in one kingdom or another: the sheep and the goats.

        You are right that feminism has destroyed people – I see it in our family working its destruction. I read that there is now an epidemic of single women in their 40’s who are miserable because they gave up having a family for their career. I watched a video on it and those women were bitter that they’d been lied to. One woman who was a top lawyer cried on camera, saying that everyone told her to pursue a career and no one told her to pursue getting a family. She said that now she’s in her mid-40’s and it’s too late for her. What a cruel thing that’s been done to a nation of people.

        I believe that much of what passes for “christianity” is nothing more than social clubs. I’ve talked to believers who are disgusted with church and have left organized religion. I don’t have the answers. I’m just trying to survive in a very toxic world right now, that’s growing more toxic by the day. I almost can’t bear to read the news it’s so bad. I pray a lot.

      2. In addition to denigrating western white caucasians, today’s Christian churches fornicate with other religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, and new age spirituality. Many Christian churches bring in yoga and meditation and even so called “ Christian witchcraft “. All this does is invite demonic entities into the church that guide christian church members away from Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Fornicating with other religions is waltzing with Satan himself.

        1. The demoralization process really began in late 1913 after the Jew synagogue took over the central banking function via the Federal Reserve. After that we have had nothing but wars and “movements” that have continually destroyed the fabric of society.

          Through these manufactured crises and society trends, whitey has been demoralized and reengineered into the desired type of farm animal the Jew synagogue deems desirable.

          Just like the Assyrians did to the Northern kingdom, the Jew synagogue is doing right now to the Northern kingdom’s descendants. Nothing ever changes. Same old same old.

          Let’s quote Paul while the people of the world all converge into the various desired breeds of livestock.

          By the time Yuri Bezmenov appeared in the mid -80s it was well onto being too late. I remember the children growing up in the mid-80s and they were so much more selfish and egosyntonic than those of the prior couple decades. Also, the children of the 80s were receiving many many more injections than I ever had. My last one was in 1979.

          Thank God I’m pushing 60. I don’t give a crap anymore. Given my growing health issues, I don’t have many years left. I just need to keep peace in my household somehow.

            1. Spiritual attacks happen all the time to Christians and non- Christians alike. Demons use all sorts of methods to attack such as causing illnesses and mental health issues. They can also attack by causing a stroke of bad luck by making events go wrong or turn for the worse. Demons love to attack Christians who are on the right path with God because they are a spiritual threat to satan’s activities.

              Demons can also put thoughts in your head making you think that something is a great idea or a good thing when it is really not. They can also cause impulsive behavior to make you act on those thoughts or actions that seem great at first but after careful consideration it is not.

              God gives us spiritual armor that we maintain through constant prayer to God. God allows some of these attacks to happen to strengthen our battle readiness. God will give you guidance on how to deal with these spiritual attacks if you keep your communication with God. God will also shield you from those attacks if you are not ready for those challenges.

          1. You don’t want to throw in the towel now! And who is going to write us witty articles for the next 30 years? I can’t think of anyone other than you. My mother died a year ago at the age of ninety-one. Please do as she did!

        2. Wow – hadn’t heard of “christian witchcraft” – the world has gone mad.

          I read that demons are assigned to every church. We see how sin operates in a person and then a church: an individual so inclined will start whispering and “asking for prayer” for someone which is only a thinly disguised excuse to gossip. Then the sin spreads around the church. The individual whose privacy has been violated is then wounded and leaves the church. These people aren’t really trying to live a godly life. I guess that’s why “the road is narrow that leads to life and few there be that find it.”

  2. I think there will be a lot more death and disease on the way. There clearly is a concerted effort by those in control(Synagogue of Satan) to kill humanity especially the caucasian races as most caucasians have the ability to think critically and are educated. The Covid kill shots are not the only way they will kill us. Avoiding vaccines are great but they can kill us in other ways such as adding vaccines or poisons to our food that we buy or poisoning our water supply. They already spray the air with chem trails that may contain cancer causing poisons and virulent contagious diseases. They probably are poisoning our soil to contaminate our food supply. The Ohio train wreck last year poisoned many square miles with cancer causing chemicals. Bill Gates has suggested spraying vaccines in the air for the “Good of Humanity”. They will find other ways to poison us even if one refuses injections and refuses junk food.

    So brace yourself. Turn to Jesus Christ and the Bible. Pray to the Lord God for protection and guidance as God will show you ways to protect yourself.

    1. Another way they may be spreading deadly spike proteins in the air is via “shedding” from vaccinated people to the unvaccinated. I am not surprised that shedding is a realistic possibility as it gets to the unvaccinated through bypassing their resistance to the jab.


    UK Inflation Cools More Than Expected to Slowest Since 2021

    (Bloomberg) — UK inflation fell more sharply than expected to the lowest level in 2 1/2 years, bolstering investor expectations that the Bank of England will be able to reduce borrowing costs in the coming months.

    The Consumer Prices Index rose 3.4% in February from a year earlier, compared with 4% pace the month before, the Office for National Statistics said Wednesday. The figure was lower than the median of 3.5% predicted by economists and the BOE, although it was in line with the Bloomberg Economics’s forecast.

    BOE Governor Andrew Bailey and his colleagues are weighing when to start cutting rates from a 16-year high of 5.25%, but a move at the central bank’s meeting Thursday is unlikely. Policymakers in London say they need to see further evidence that price pressures will fall back sustainably to the 2% target before easing.

    Core inflation, which excludes energy, food, alcohol and tobacco fell as expected to 4.5% from 5.1%. Meanwhile, inflation in the services sector — watched closely by the BOE for indications of domestically driven price pressures — fell to 6.1% from 6.5%. That matched BOE expectations, even though it was slightly less what outside analysts expected.

    “Inflation is heading in the right direction and should fall below the Bank of England’s 2% target sometime in the Spring,” said Alpesh Paleja, lead economist at the CBI. “However, the path beyond this is likely to be bumpy. Shifting base effects mean that it will likely rise back above 2% later in the year.”

    Traders increased wagers on interest-rate cuts for the year after the release. The market is close to fully pricing three quarter-point reductions by December with the first move expected in August, though there’s a more than 50% chance that could come in June, according to swaps tied to policy-meeting dates.

    The pound whipsawed, briefly falling to a day’s low of $1.27 before erasing losses. The pound is the best-performing major currency against the dollar this year on expectations the BOE will hold rates higher for longer than other central banks.

    “As inflation gets closer to its target, that opens the door for the Bank of England to consider bringing down interest rates,” Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt told broadcasters Wednesday, in comments that underscore the political stakes of the officially independent central bank’s next policy move. “That brings down mortgage rates. That makes a very big difference.”

    Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is hoping the bank can begin cutting interest rates soon enough for voter to feel the relief before his Conservatives face Keir Starmer’s resurgent Labour Party in an election expected in the “second half” of the year. In his remarks after the inflation data release, Hunt repeated his suggestion from a day earlier that the election could be held in October, but said such a decision would be “up to the prime minister.”

    Of particular relief for the government was a slowdown in cost pressures for some of the things that consumers notice most in their daily spending. Food prices and costs in hotels, restaurants and cafes helped to drag down the headline rate.

    There was upward pressure from motor fuel, housing and household services. The figures are based on an updated basket of goods and services, as is the usual practice at the start of each year.

    What Bloomberg Economics Says …

    “While the print was a touch below the central bank’s expectation, services inflation — a key metric for the BOE — came in in line with its forecast. February’s CPI print doesn’t change the big picture — the headline measure is on track to fall below its 2% target in the spring. The BOE will have that information in hand at the June meeting, when we expect the first cut.”

    —Dan Hanson and Ana Andrade, Bloomberg Economics.

    The latest reading brings the UK closer to the inflation levels prevailing in the US and euro area, where policymakers are preparing to ease off on the monetary tightening imposed to get prices under control after the pandemic. The US Federal Reserve this evening may give hints about when it will cut rates, with officials indicating three quarter-point reductions this year.

    BOE officials are waiting for March and April data to ensure inflation is settling back to the 2% target and in the second quarter may dip below US levels for the first time in almost two years. Those figures will include a sharp dip in energy prices when a cap on consumer bills resets and also an annual round of pay settlements. A number of consumer services including mobile phone plans also update in those months.

    Britain had the worst inflation in the Group of Seven nations last year after a jump in food and energy prices prompted workers to demand higher wages. It left consumers feeling poorer, a trend that has started to abate as wage growth now outstrips price increases. Surveys also suggest the economy picked up slightly after a shallow recession in 2023.

    Overall, Sunak is facing a bleak backdrop for fighting a general election. The BOE and private-sector economists expect growth of just 0.3% this year, leaving Britain trailing most advanced economists for another year.

    “The outlook for consumers is brightening,” said Zara Nokes, global market analyst at JPMorgan Asset Management. “While the Bank of England will also cheer the decline in the headline figure, it is unlikely to be convinced that the battle against inflation is won.”

    There were also signs of slower pipeline cost pressures at the wholesale level. Producer input costs were down 2.7% year-on-year. Output prices at the factory gate were up just 0.4%.

    1. Financial conditions are as dovish as ever. Only those buried in consumer debt are getting beat up. QE will return and the neutral rate over the next couple years will be 4.0%.

    1. I have a CD coming due. Do you think it’s safe to put in a bank? The Bank of China paid the highest dividend. I’m shaky about everything financial now.

  4. Andrei
    My heart felt condolences to you. So…sad. I sincerely hope he went Home to be with The Lord.
    As painful as it is thank you for sharing his story.
    My husband and I spend 20 grand on Alternative Therapies that hardly touched the tumor.
    My father took the jab and all the Boosters and at almost 85 he’s healthier than most 60 year olds. His best lady friend took the jab and now she’s dying from ALS.
    There’s a podcast I listen to called Health Masters with Ted and Austin Broer. They live a life of total health no Jabs Vaccines. August of 2022 Teds wife Sharon suddenly died in her sleep. God only knows if she was around someone who shedded on her.
    We are in a time of sorrows.

  5. This came into my email box today from a friend who has FaceBook.
    Another factor why people are getting deathly ill.

    This is why everyone needs TRS….
    Chemtrails are the #1 reason to use TRS and why I use it every day. A common question I’m asked is, “should I get tested to see if I have toxic metals?” The truth is everyone has them.
    I’ve seen hundreds of toxic metal analysis from all ages of people and every single one had multiple toxic metals present and that’s because they are literally spraying them in the atmosphere. I’ve seen tests from completely non jabbed children and they had astronomical levels of aluminum…how did that happen? Chemtrails!
    When people talk about geoengineering or chemtrails, it’s the process by which heavy metals and other toxins are sprayed in our sky. Every breath we take contains microscopic toxic particulates. Such small particles are extremely damaging to the respiratory and neurological systems and cannot be filtered out with any readily available filtration mechanisms. They are so small that they penetrate straight through the lung lining and into the blood stream. There, they can adhere to cell receptors like a plaque, slowly but surely damaging our health and bodily functions such as the neurological and immune systems. The particulates are also a platform on which fungal proliferation runs wild.
    Chemtrails have nothing to do with the jet engine combustion process. They are often laid in a grid-like pattern by multiple planes (even drones) where they disperse slowly taking on the appearance of odd, at first narrow, but widening, smoky clouds until merging together to form, if sufficiently numerous, an aerosol bank that obscures the blue sky and gives the appearance of a dirty white overcast. Unlike normal contrails which quickly dissipate, chemtrails sometimes take hours to dissipate and eventually fan out to a spider web type of milky haze that covers the entire sky. These are formed from nano reflective metallic particulates that eventually reach the earth.
    Still having doubts? Please download something called HR 2977 “The Space & Preservation Act of 2001.” In this document the United States Government openly admits the existence of chemtrails.
    Still not enough proof? What if I told you that there are patents for these very such things?
    Here are just a few more patents relating to chemtrails and geoengineering:
    Patent #1619183
    Patent# 2045865
    Patent# 2591988
    Patent# 3437502
    Patent# 3531310
    There are several hundred more….
    What goes up, must come down and we’re being bombarded daily with a chemical and radioactive fallout. Since aluminum has an affinity for water, all life forms attract these oxides. This causes contamination of even organic fruits, vegetables, and livestock if they’re exposed to the open air, because plants readily absorb aluminum salts from the soil into their vascular systems. Everything absorbs aluminum salts and it’s in the air. This is also why vaccines will become irrelevant and nobody can avoid this method of saturating your body with toxins, particularly aluminum. You might want to start talking about this agenda a lot more….
    A contrail dissipates….the lines from chemtrails do not dissipate. Multiple planes are deployed, flying parallel and criss crossing and soon the sky is blanketed with many grayish-white lines. At first, these lines are independent but soon they disperse and cover the sky with their toxic haze. Our once-blue sky has vanished and has been replaced by a grayish-white toxic haze that blots out and greatly diminishes our usual sunshine.
    The U.S. military has been spraying chemical and biological weapons in open air testing over civilian populations since the 1940’s. They are called “vulnerability tests”. This is not a controversial statement. The military has admitted to this practice on many occasions and there’s plenty of documentation from the government to corroborate it. There is also documentation of intentional, experimental releases of radiation on civilian populations. Unfortunately, this information tends to surface long after it could have saved lives, or eased the suffering of victims.
    Over the past decade, independent testing of Chemtrails around the country has shown a dangerous, extremely poisonous brew that includes: barium, aluminum, radioactive thorium, cadmium, chromium, nickel, mold spores, yellow fungal mycotoxins, ethylene dibromide, and polymer fibers. Barium can be compared to the toxicity of arsenic. Barium is known to adversely affect the heart. Aluminum has a history of damaging brain function. Independent researchers and labs continue to show off-the-scale levels of these poisons. Cadmium is a devistating neurotoxin as well.
    This is not a theory it’s already been proven. Numerous tests have been done to verify that these poisons are off the scale in their toxicity. They are documented in our water, in our soil, and in our air.

    1. I have suspicions that the chem trail thing is a Red Herring. I had an email from a friend which verbatim says what you wrote. It’s to inefficient for the purposes you mention. Could and does have some geoengineering applications as well as some possibly electromagnetic applications but that’s not how you effectively dose a population.

  6. This article is written at an auspicious time for me. My father just passed away this morning after a four month battle with brain cancer.
    By the way, he was injected several times over with the Covid kill shot. I am highly sure that played a big role in all this.

    It all started when he had bleeding in his left eye back in August of 2022 and they x rayed his upper half and found a suspicious spot around his lung. It was all down hill from there. He had a lung biopsy done and sure enough it was cancer. Another test was done and it got into the lymph nodes. They attempted surgery but they found even more cancer nodules all over his upper half.

    Then he underwent chemotherapy treatments with carbo platinum. This stuff is a poison and as a result that made him blind and only reduced the cancer by 40%. This carbo platinum also made him debilitated.

    They tried immunotherapy treatments after the carbo platinum therapy and he actually regained his strength and hair but the large nodules still got larger however it reduced the number of small nodules.

    Then around mid November of 2023 he got a flu shot and he suddenly got numb on one side of his body and he kept falling over. This pain and numbness on one side kept up. He also kept falling over as well. He took a bad fall on his head on December 9 and we had to take him to the emergency room. They did an MRI and that’s when they found cancer in his brain. That was a blow to all of us. Four months earlier that same MRI showed no brain cancer. It was obvious that this cancer was stubborn and aggressive.

    Since February he got so weak he could not get out of bed and we had to feed him and change his diapers as he could not get up to go to the bathroom. Two weeks ago he could not talk and slept most of the day. He would only be awake for an hour out of the day. The final week of his life he could not eat nor drink. He was in hospice care since early February.

    It is really depressing watching a loved one deteriorate so rapidly.

    The lesson I have learned is that cancer treatments are useless and the medical profession basically sells poisons as cures. You are on your own to find a cure for cancer. The carbo platinum treatments shouldn’t even be on the market. None of these treatments really reduced his cancer and it still spread to his brain.

    DO NOT count on the medical profession to cure you because they are designed to keep you sick to generate revenues.

    In addition, I have lately been hearing about a lot of cases with rare and aggressive forms of cancer. I see a lot more people getting sick lately with weird and long lasting bugs.

    1. Platinum is highly toxic and many of its chemical derivatives can cause fatal platinosis. The drugs are worse than the disease.

      I am sorry not only for your loss, but for what your family had been put through. There are many people in the chain of his medical “care” who will be shocked at what they discover at the judgment throne.

    2. My dad also had radiation treatments on his brain cancer at the end of December and all it did was weaken him further to the point where he couldn’t walk. It did not remove most of his cancer.
      This was a heartbreaking and traumatic experience for all of us.

      The cancer treatments presented to us do not cure cancer. I feel there really are cures out there but it is not being made public because the medical profession is only set up to keep us sick to make profits.

      If Tom Stone’s above article and the posts are correct there will be a lot of sadness and grieving just like I experienced for both the vaccinated and unvaccinated.

      Turn to Jesus Christ before it is too late. Things are about to get real rough.

      1. As with chess and game theory, zugzwang pertains to situations in our real lives.

        Unfortunately, when your dad set in motion the circumstances by receiving all his injections, he unwittingly took the actions that led to his terminal stage.

        Though it’s easy for me to say, if confronted with a cancer diagnosis, I would employ all of the protocols I know of and I would throw away every piece of carbohydrate food in the house. I would eat nothing but fat and some protein. I see what the medical industrial complex is done to my family and friends. No thank you.

        We must do whatever we can do to not end up in zugzwang.

        The pharmaceutical firms will tell us that the injections initially suppress the immune system in order for the payload to do its work. So, why would anyone take these injections when all they do are act counterintuitively? Why do all the cancer drugs act counterintuitively to logic? I have an answer and it won’t please many in the medical industrial complex. These methods of treatment are ultimately designed to harm the patient, not cure.

        1. You hit the nail on the head.
          I think my father’s insistence on the Covid vaccine started all this. When he took that first vaccine I had an intuitive feeling that he would not be around much longer.

          He insisted that I take the vaccine but I said no way and warned him about the risks of this experimental new “science “.

          It is still sad to see him go however. It was really sad to see him suffer, but I did all I could do.
          I know our Lord God warns us to do things or not do things but if we go against his warnings then we get the consequences and God cannot shield us from those consequences.

          1. So what happens to our investment accounts after a giant cyber attack? Will public companies become defacto private companies owned by the boards or the Government? I wonder? Looks like a great way to complete the great taking.

  7. This resonates with me too. So many people in personal life and work life across many states seem to be dealing with illness on a regular basis that was unimaginable a few years ago. Even myself and my family are dealing with recurring issues with sickness. I think this stuff is some form of biowarfare because it doesn’t feel like we develop immunity to the stuff going around. My wife has had issues with anaphylaxis the same time of year every year for the last 4 years. One doctor said in jest that she was allergic to covid I don’t think it’s funny but think it’s true. We have never been foolish enough to take any of the shots but I think we get bombarded with “something” anytime we go around those people and it isn’t natural. I pray you and everyone here can persevere through this time but am feeling like we will be forced through some terrible tribulations.

  8. Hi Chris
    We truly are in the Times of Great Sorrow. So….sorry to read about your sisters.
    The Dr. Who performed Greg’s colonoscopy said this Cancer has been in his system for 10-15 years slow growing. Neither one of us took the jab. One of Greg’s protocols was Fenbendazole. Unfortunately it caused him to bleed out like the Carnivora. We are hoping to get this thing shrunk to get the surgery and put him back on these things along with Apricot B17 IV C and other stuff I have waiting. Anyone else reading this please call Heaven down on us. Ty.
    I was at the grocery store an hour ago and passed by a fellow who had on a sweat shirt covered with all the Names of The LORD and a hat that said Jesus is my boss. I said I love it. I kept walking with my shopping cart and thought I need to speak to this gentleman and the lady with him. I turned around and found them at the check out and asked if I could speak to him when he was done. I told him the situation and gave him a slip of paper with Greg’s name and his Cancer. He said I want to pray for you right now. I said yes….he and his fiancé each took my hand and we prayed right in the grocery store afterwards the lady hugged me. I love these types of people. This is one of the things we should be doing. On several occasions through out the years I’ve met other strangers who are Christians in stores and we talked about The Lord. I needed that today. Thank you Lord for being with me.

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