Power and wealth consolidation continues, but for how much longer?

All those newly minted US Treasuries are collateral to buy up everything 

I wonder what is waiting at the end of the decade that could be prompting the Powers to ramp up the wealth and power consolidation? Perhaps part of the answer rests with the video link below. Will we see the two witnesses soon?

Tom Horn, the master of pre tribulation prophecy most likely took the injections and died from persistent heart and cardiovascular complications at 66 last year. I actually met the guy in a prophecy conference in 2013, just after the Hebrew roots “prophets” erred on the Mayan calendar dates.

Anyway, this accelerating deficit spending is why asset prices are going up. The amount of US Treasuries in circulation are increasing at an ever rising rate. All those Treasuries are collateral that can be used to buy other assets. You and I don’t own those Treasuries. Currently, it’s the greatest theft of the common man’s assets ever perpetrated in human history and the people let it happen as they fight amongst themselves.

READ: Text of $1.2 trillion government funding package
By CNN staff


Lawmakers unveiled a $1.2 trillion government funding package on Thursday, setting up a high-stakes sprint to pass the legislation as a shutdown deadline looms at the end of the week.

With the release of the legislative text that’s more than 1,000 pages, the House and Senate are now facing a major time crunch to get the legislation across the finish line.

Link to article and the accompanying legislative document.



Apophis punches the Earth in 2029

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3 thoughts on “Power and wealth consolidation continues, but for how much longer?

  1. Something I just remembered form about 10 years ago that is quite relevant to the direction the world is headed.

    It was at a party at a friend’s house celebrating a purchase of his and wife’s new home. The real estate agent was there among friends and family. I thought the price my friend paid was quite high and I made a comment to the real estate agent that a crash has to be on the horizon. This is post 08 and prices were beginning to rise. Consider my SF Bay Area location so the curve is rather steep for everything. The agent after hearing my impending crash comment very confidently and quietly replied “no it’s not.” Sometime later, and especially after finding your blog, I have to wonder what does he know that I don’t. At the time I was clueless and just shaking my head as prices crashed and rebounded. And now thinking I should have bought every depressed dump in Oakland or Modesto that was nailed down.

    1. Most Realtors are charlatans and that’s why sellers are tired of paying all that commission. As house prices rise, total closing costs escalate. That is the primary reason people aren’t selling. Closing costs for a sale and a repurchase can be at least 10% in total, maybe more depending on loans and fix up repairs. When prices were 250k that meant 25k. Now many are coming close to 100k in total costs. Realtors deserve their reputation. The NAR cultivates this culture.

  2. Judgement day is coming soon and those in the Synagogue of satan know it. That is why they are stepping up their plans.

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