Soylent Green; rodent experiments of crowds mirrors human behavior

I came across a podcast from last night’s Jeff Rense show with Erica Khan and wanted to share it with you.


The primary discussion regarded John B. Calhoun’s rodent experiments under crowded conditions. Although it’s quite a grim analysis, my readers should not be surprised. The following excerpts are from Calhoun’s Wikipedia page.

John Bumpass Calhoun (May 11, 1917 – September 7, 1995) was an American ethologist and behavioral researcher noted for his studies of population density and its effects on behavior. He claimed that the bleak effects of overpopulation on rodents were a grim model for the future of the human race. During his studies, Calhoun coined the term “behavioral sink” to describe aberrant behaviors in overcrowded population density situations and “beautiful ones” to describe passive individuals who withdrew from all social interaction. His work gained world recognition. He spoke at conferences around the world and his opinion was sought by groups as diverse as NASA and the District of Columbia‘s Panel on overcrowding in local jails. Calhoun’s rat studies were used as a basis in the development of Edward T. Hall‘s 1966 proxemics theories.

Calhoun’s phrase “behavioral sink” was sometimes used by others in reference to perceived urban moral degradation. Alan Grant, co-creator of the dystopian Judge Dredd character, has acknowledged Calhoun’s work as an influence. Ramsden believes Calhoun’s work may have influenced other apocalyptic fiction as well, including Soylent Green.

Remember , Tuesday is Soylent Green day.

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17 thoughts on “Soylent Green; rodent experiments of crowds mirrors human behavior

  1. Will listen to the podcast later so only commenting on the introduction comment. Without knowing any of these research materials, or the researcher, I arrived at a conclusion years ago – after living in a condo complex for 27 years – that people must have a certain amount of space to be content.

    Condos and apartment buildings are generally too close for comfort. That might be acknowledged by the police call rate for high density units vs. homes on 1/8 – 1/4 acre lots. Just from my observation, I saw more police presence in those 27 years than I ever have growing up in a ranch house in a court. I am only one data point but others may have similar experiences. As we approach 15 minute communist developments I expect to see the police quite busy. Because someone will complain about noise next door and whatnot.

    In my opinion, with a bit of experience mixed in, parts of San Francisco was the ideal high density living model while preserving privacy. for example, those houses in the Richmond District appear to be connected but they are not. Only the front facade is in most cases, but the walls are not touching. You have a postage stamp back yard for gardening or relaxing and a garage that is the same size and shape as the floor plan. My dad growing up had a wood shop in the garage and still had room to park the car. But the result now is everyone rents out the basement, thus doubling the amount of people for any given block. Good luck finding parking!

    1. The estate of Erich Neumann released a book in 2015 called “Esau and Jacob – On the collective symbolism of the brother motif”. It is based on the letters Neumann exchanged with Carl Jung before he wrote any of his other books, In his letters he declares Jacob to represent “The Jew” and bases this declaration solely on the midrashic texts.

      This text is the basis for what is proffered by jewry:

      I. It is said that when Jacob and Esau were still in their mother’s womb, Jacob said to Esau: “Esau, my brother, there are two of us, and two worlds lie before us, one world on this side, another beyond. One world is the world where people eat and drink, a world of commerce and change; the otherworld, however, has none of this. If it is your will, then take this world, and I shall keep the otherworld for myself.” At that hour, Esau took his place in this world, whereas Jacob chose the otherworld.

      II. When he created the world, the Lord decided that the sun would be Esau’s kingdom and the moon Jacob’s.

      III. Know then that Isaac had two faces, a sacred and a profane one; that face that was turned inward was sacred, the one facing outward profane. Jacob drew strength from the inner face, Esau from the outer. The rulers of the world also abide by the left side of the world.

      Two paragraphs later there is a statement that is the basis for the remainder of the book:

      “…..we must first further explore the relationship between the moon and Jacob, that is, the Jew.”

      In other words, they made it all up.

      1. The Jews are Esau and the white European Christians are descended from Jacob. The evil always lies and the talmudic Jews are the ones Jesus railed against and he accused them of spilling all the righteous blood throughout history going back to the righteous Abel.

        1. I have always shared your view – the only one supported by Biblical Scripture. It is amazing to me that anyone would accept the premise that Christ rejectors are Gods people. 4000+ years of lies and propaganda and here we are.

          I have this view that the Jews are simply a major franchise for the Synagogue of Satan and that there is some sort of controlled demolition in progress for the franchise. This might be a necessary step for the SOS to unveil their one world religion. Just a thought.

          1. There’s no better way to exploit the God-given Bible than by claiming to have two covenants and rejecting Jesus the Christ at the same time.

            What makes Jesus the real deal is the fact that

            1) he knew his gospel would be preached to the whole world (given that there was no technology or vehicles to navigate the world at the time) and,
            2) those claiming to be Jews would be the cause of the end times.

            It’s readily apparent now that these two facts are true, but two thousand years ago, nobody except Jesus knew what he was talking about.

            That’s prophecy.

  2. Productivity scorching while unit labor costs dropping. A doubleplusgood two-banger for asset owners…

    Nonfarm Productivity (QoQ) (Q3)
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    Trade Balance (Oct)
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  3. The synagogue even controls Mongolia as a vassal debt slave state…

    Mongolia Seeks $11 Billion Green Finance to Reshape Its Economy

    (Bloomberg) — Sign up for the Green Daily newsletter for comprehensive coverage of COP28 right in your inbox.

    Mongolia is looking for $11 billion in green finance to decarbonize its economy, which is currently heavily dependent on fossil energy, mining and livestock farming, the country’s minister of environment and tourism said on Wednesday.

    “There is a rough estimation that we would need $11 billion as a start” to transition into a greener and more sustainable economy, while also promoting more environmental businesses with advanced technology, Bat-Erdene Bat-Ulzii said in an interview during the COP28 summit in Dubai. “We are trying to contribute to the global efforts of improving the environment as well, so for us international, bilateral, multilateral cooperations are very important.”

    Mongolia is facing challenges stemming from land degradation, limited water resources and overgrazing. Meanwhile, energy and mining sectors account for a lion share of its economy, of which coal exporting to China has been rising due to steady demand.

    Read More: What Is COP28 and Why Is It Important?

    The country has committed to increase its renewable electricity capacity — including hydropower, solar and wind — to 30% by 2030 as a share of total electricity generation capacity. It has already managed to increase the portion to 27%, if construction-stage projects are counted, Bat-Ulzii said. The nation of about 3.5 million people is also in the middle of transforming its animal farming sector. It currently has 71 million livestock animals, which is beyond its theoretical pasture capacity of 25 million.

    Bat-Ulzii said Mongolia is a victim of global climate change as well and called for a strengthened environmental compensation mechanism with more options. Even if Mongolia is eligible for assistance through the yet-to-be operational loss and damage fund, he doesn’t think the fund is going to support the country much from his experience, Bat-Ulzii said. He’s concerned the criteria to have projects supported through the loss and damage fund could be too high and the delivery time for finance could be too slow.

    The Mongolia minister said the COP28 summit should not be about showing bread to a starving person or water to the thirsty, when being asked about his own observation about the conference. Whether Mongolia will agree to text that calls for the phase down or phase out of fossil fuels at the summit is highly related with seeing more financial solutions and ways to secure the delivery, he said.

  4. The German economy sucks…

    German Factory Orders Unexpectedly Dropped in October

    (Bloomberg) — German factory orders unexpectedly fell in October, highlighting how manufacturing in Europe’s largest economy remains stuck in a rut.

    Wednesday’s data shows a 3.7% decrease in demand — defying analysts who had predicted a 0.2% gain. September’s advance, however, was revised up to 0.7%.

    The slump was driven by a 13.5% drop in machinery and equipment that couldn’t offset a 20.2% jump in new orders in the manufacture of transport equipment including aircraft, ships and trains, the statistics agency said.

    The outcome suggests that the prospective pickup in Germany’s outsized industrial base signaled by survey data is struggling to materialize in the aftermath of the energy crisis and weak global demand, further weighing down the economy.

    Output shrank 0.1% in the three months through September and economists predict another contraction of the same size in the current quarter, putting Germany on track to be the only major economy with a recession. Budget chaos in Berlin after a shock court judgment risks further overshadowing the recovery.

    Recent surveys have pointed to stabilization. The Ifo institute’s business outlook last month reached a six-month high. A survey of purchasing managers highlighted “considerable weakness,” though easing conditions support a return to growth.

    Germany’s weakness has started to spill over into the labor market. After proving surprisingly resilient, the unemployment rate hit a 2 1/2 year high in November.

    “The economic slump is leaving its mark,” said Andrea Nahles, head of the Federal Labor Agency.

    Tight monetary conditions are adding to the headwinds. While European Central Bank officials have insisted that another hike is possible, the marked slowdown of euro-area inflation prompted ECB member Isabel Schnabel to call another such move “rather unlikely.” Investors have ramped up bets on a cut as early as March.

    Still, inflation risks are “skewed to the upside,” Bundesbank President Joachim Nagel said last month. “It seems to me to be far too early to even think about a possible interest-rate cut,” he said.

  5. Poor factory orders data… Good for the asset owners.

    Durables Excluding Defense (MoM) (Oct)
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    Durables Excluding Transport (MoM) (Oct)
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    Factory orders ex transportation (MoM) (Oct)
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  6. $ALT and $DRCT… I currently have long positions in two stocks.

    Both are currently doing well and ALT is very cheap for some reason. Roche Labs just announce plans this morning to buy a competitor of ALT for $2.8 billion.

    ALTs current market cap is about $220 million and has a better anti obesity candidate.

    1. $BTC several months ago I worn the readers of my old blog that Bitcoin traders were going to be caught off sides and that we would soon see at all time high. It seems to be working out that way as I had been strongly advising to accumulate on dips down to $25,000.

      1. I remember the BTC call, We are selling some to pay a loan that resets at 11% next year and it fits well with this years tax strategy. Better to just clear it and deal with next years circumstances next year.

        I looked into $ALT because I am curious about these new pharmaceuticals and their delivery systems. This one looks like an aerosol administered in a nasal spray format. The success of this method has deep reaching consequences for us all( air duct systems, chemtrails, etc. ). This is not a criticism of the investment or the trade, I see huge upside potential if it works. I also can imagine nefarious potential if it works – something I need to be mindful of with respect to my family.

        1. The intraday chart action on $DRCT looked very bearish today after it took out an all-time high. That drop below 12 was lower than the previous drop a couple days prior and it’s been fading ever since. Though I doubt the bull market case is over on the stock, it looks like there is going to be some more consolidation.

          Senior Management had advertised on a press release that they were appearing in a investor conference. Perhaps one of the c-level officers opened his mouth and mentioned something to an institutional investor or trader.

          I think $ALT will be hitting $10. It seems to be ending the day on a nice strong note.

        2. I loaded up on $BCH over the past week b/w $230 and $250. I already had a core for a while at prices around $150, but I could see a super spike to as high as $400-500 soon.

  7. I remember reading about those experiments and the behavioral sink of Universe 25. We don’t need to wait for 15 minute cities, this sounds like the present day university environment. The “tinder trap” is doing the most damage for the beautiful ones – and promoting violent behaviour among the incels. Courtship is no longer required in the hookup culture. These people will never form families and are bringing the extinction level event. It’s a good podcast and Rense at least presents the subject, but concludes that this is coming sometime in the future. I see evidence that in some places Universe 25 is already playing out.

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