The CCP and the USG; is there any difference?

Global government via the Delphi technique

Manufactured crises and enemies, manufactured consent

The differences between CCP China and the United States have narrowed tremendously over the past couple decades. As the population in the states have been  mirroring the world at large and their IQs have been dropping (even after accounting for the ongoing downward recalibration of the IQ exams that adjust for “inclusivity” and racial bias), the people seem increasingly at ease in seeking social largesse and social justice protections, so they can aspire to enjoy the hypothetical lives of the repressive and wicked colonizers as described by our adversary.

Worst of all, today’s population in the states doesn’t seem to mind that they are being ruled over in an increasingly unilateral manner.

But here’s a sobering reality, hardly anyone lives like the people from 50 years ago. Only the top 10% live that life. Only the top 10% of those living in this country today can live the life I did as a lower income household member from the early seventies when the nation’s population was much more homogeneous and about 80% Caucasian. Back then, the government treaded very lightly when it came to upsetting the population.

The US government of today now imposes its will upon the masses with impunity and there is little to no pushback from the heathen populace. I observe how the CCP exploits its population and see a diminishing difference between their actions and that of the USG. Of course, the reasons for both governments may differ, but the results are the same.

The problem is the people at large today are much more easily manageable and they pose no threat to the established order. The only people who do pose a threat to this established New World Order are those that are maligned in the enemy’s media.

By obsessing over straw man enemies and pre-chosen sides, the population at large today have been rendered completely ineffective at determining the real stumbling blocks to success and self-determination. The true enemy owns the governments and runs the privately controlled central banks. The Real enemy traffics the souls of the many.

But the real enemy will tell you that racism, closed mindedness, and xenophobia are the real enemies. Unfortunately, for those of us in the know, we are continually confronted with the overwhelming majority of the population that believes these lies. I know first hand that it can be quite punishing to have to endure the stupidity of the profane.

PBOC and Fed polices converge as both governments converge

The fiscal and monetary policies of the Democrats and Fed largely mirror those of the CCP and PBOCs. Of course, if you tell these heathen that are increasingly making up the majority of the population in this country that they prefer Marxism similar to that of communist China, they will scoff. But I’m having an increasingly more difficult time discerning the two platforms from one another.

The remnant needs to recognize this. We need to separate ourselves and remain uninjected, aspire to make money on your own terms, stay out of debt that doesn’t support a portfolio of income generating assets, and keep off all social media platforms.

Social media does not help in any way whatsoever. Social media only demoralizes, impoverishes, and confuses the users. The top 10% of the population exploits social media for their gain. Social media is an important tool used by our adversary to accelerate the ultimate objectives of its strategically weaponized Delphi technique against America and the West. Social media is being employed by our enemy to comfortably merge the multicolored population into the end times.

Even worse, social media platforms create false dichotomies where there normally wouldn’t be any. For the few of us who are left and know the realities, we are now forced to overcome these false dichotomies and defend our actions, especially in the face of overwhelming evidence of this necessity.

Our reality is now shaped by nothing but one big Delphi technique, which has been manufactured through one false dichotomy after another. I recommend we separate while we still have time

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6 thoughts on “The CCP and the USG; is there any difference?

  1. I often get asked about the collapse of the “petrodollar” and what will happen when the petrodollar collapses.

    I say the “petrodollar” has already been collapsing. How do I know? When the dollar’s usefulness in the international markets degrades, asset prices climb. When a currency collapses, the asset prices of the assets denominated in that currency go up in value. If asset prices crashed, that would mean that the dollar became relatively more expensive. Collapsing asset prices means an appreciating dollar. Asset prices that are skyrocketing are indicating that the underlying currency is collapsing vis-a-vis those assets.

    So, if I want to measure the dollar’s standing around the world, I want to look at dollar denominated stock and housing prices. I don’t sit and wait for the proverbial shoe to drop, I’m already seeing the collapse in real time. All currencies are collapsing and it’s not just the “petrodollar.”

    You all better stop using the phrase ‘petrodollar,” because the United States is by far the largest oil and gas producer in the world. If need be, the United States could be energy independent. Essentially, it already is, especially when we include green energy.

    I cringe at the novices who use the phrase petrodollar, because they’re getting it all wrong and making the wrong financial choices and are running scared like chickens with their heads cut off.

    All currencies are collapsing, just take a look at house prices and the stock market for an indication. Take a look at the salaries of the athletes in professional sports for an indication. Movies are no longer considered successful if they don’t bring in at least a billion dollars.

    The currencies of all the nations are already collapsing, especially Russia’s and China’s.

  2. PFE can be rightfully sued if their claims of safety were fraudulent, even if they manufactured their COVID vaccines under federal exemption. Pfizer can go f itself and will spend years in court dragging itself in the mud. I feel bad for those who bought this mismanaged piece of shit for its dividend yield mirage. I hope the stock goes to ZERO.

    Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Claims Under Lens, Faces Lawsuit From Kansas For Alleged Misleading Claims

    06/17/24 1:13 PM

    1:13 PM EDT, June 17, 2024 (Benzinga Newswire)

    The state of Kansas has reportedly filed a lawsuit against pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, Inc. (NYSE:PFE), accusing the company of violating consumer protection laws related to its COVID-19 vaccine.

    Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach argues that Pfizer marketed the vaccine as “safe” despite allegedly knowing it was linked to serious adverse events.

    Citing the 69-page lawsuit submitted to the District Court of Thomas County, Fox Business highlights that Pfizer misled the public by claiming its COVID-19 vaccine was safe and effective.

    The suit contends that the company was aware of significant safety risks, such as myocarditis, pericarditis, failed pregnancies, and deaths, yet chose to conceal this information.

    Despite knowing the vaccine’s efficacy waned over time and that it did not protect against COVID-19 variants, Pfizer allegedly hid this critical effectiveness information from the public.

    Kobach’s suit asserts that Pfizer’s actions and statements about its COVID-19 vaccine violated the Kansas Consumer Protection Act.

    According to the lawsuit, the company’s misrepresentations helped it achieve record revenues of approximately $75 billion in two years.

    The suit highlights that over 3.3 million Pfizer vaccine doses were administered in Kansas as of February 7, 2024, accounting for more than 60% of all doses in the state.

    Furthermore, the lawsuit accuses Pfizer of using various methods to conceal vaccine safety and effectiveness data. These include confidentiality agreements, extended timelines, and the destruction of the control group from its vaccine trials, making it difficult to compare the vaccine’s safety and efficacy against unvaccinated individuals.

    Additionally, Kobach alleges that Pfizer maintained a separate adverse events database that contained more comprehensive data than the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.

    This database purportedly included spontaneous reports to Pfizer, health authority reports, medical literature cases, and data from Pfizer-sponsored programs.

    Price Action: PFE shares are down 2.16% at $26.94 at last check Monday.

    1. I hope these pharmaceutical companies get their asses kicked for marketing a deadly product that they claim was safe and effective.

      It is possible the pharmaceutical industry could be scapegoated if ( big if) people wake up to realize these vaccines were dangerous in the first place.

  3. Thank you for your insight. I feel the USG and most western government overtax and exploit their citizens just like the CCP. The CCP and the USG mostly benefit the top 10% while they throw crumbs to the groveling masses.

    Do not rely on mortal kings but only rely on God as our leader.

    1. One example of how the USG benefits the top 10% asset owners over the wage earners is the tax code.

      1) Landlords do not pay the extra self employment tax that other taxpayers pay for service income.

      2) Those who receive dividend income from stock and gains on long term held asset sales only pay a top rate of 23% versus 38% for top wage earners.

      Our government rewards the top 10% asset owners.

      They never teach this at our schools. In fact schools no longer teach home economics and household budgeting. School only teaches students to be good slaves. The smart parents will homeschool their children.

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