Investopedia Study: The American Dream Now Costs $3.4 Million

Note to reader; this blog and its advice are designed to help the reader attain the American dream. First of all, most people have to be sleeping to believe it. Secondly, we must be millionaires to enjoy the lifestyles that most took for granted 50 to 60 years ago.


The classic “American Dream” including two kids, a house, and car costs more than most make in a lifetime.

  • The American Dream now costs $3,455,305—that’s the estimated lifetime cost of common milestones including marriage, two children, homes, healthcare, cars, and education.
  • The cost of raising two children to the age of 18 is now estimated at over half a million dollars ($576,896).
  • The average lifetime cost of a home including a mortgage with a 10% down payment and a 30-year fixed rate of 7.2% is now about $796,998, according to Investopedia’s analysis.

The American Dream now costs $3,455,305—that’s the estimated lifetime cost of common milestones including marriage, two children, homes, healthcare, cars, and education. The American Dream was one of Investopedia’s top searched terms of the year, and is typically used to refer to major aspirational events and purchases like buying a home and car, getting married, having kids, and economically prospering. But rising costs have made the typical “American Dream” out of reach for many. In fact, the average lifetime earnings of Americans across all education levels is approximately $2.3 million—that’s over one million short of the estimated cost of the American Dream.

1 Hospital birth $5,708 Average out-of-pocket costs for those enrolled in large group plans ($16,011 covered by insurance). Total shown for 2 children. (2018-2020, Peterson-KFF)
2 Raising children to 18 $576,896 Average cost of raising a child until age 18. Total shown for 2 children. (2015 USDA, adjusted for inflation to 2022)
3 Car purchases $271,330 Average purchase price for used car. Total shown for 10 purchases (6-year old used car, lasting around 6 years each) over a lifetime (driving ages 16-80). (2023,
4 College $42,070 Average cost of one year at a public in-state 4-year institution including room and board. Total shown for 2 children. (2020-21, National Center for Education Statistics)
5 Wedding $35,800 Average cost of a wedding and engagement ring (2022,
6 Home $796,998 Average purchase price for a home, with lifetime mortgage costs. Mortgage assumes 10% down payment, 30-year fixed loan at 7.2% interest. Does not include other costs including taxes, origination and lender charges, etc. (September 2023 purchase price and rates, Zillow, CFPB, St. Louis Fed)
7 Pets $67,935 Midpoint cost of lifetime care (15 years) for a dog and cat. (2022, Synchrony)
8 Health Insurance $934,752 Average family premium costs. Total showing 39 years of current annual costs (ages 26-65). (2018-2020, Peterson-KFF)
9 Retirement $715,968 80% of 2022 median household income. Total showing 12 years (average life expectancy past 65). (2022, U.S. Census, CDC)
10 Funeral costs $7,848 Average costs of a funeral with a viewing and burial (2023, PolicyGenius)

And when it comes to starting a family, the price tag gets even heftier, from hospital bills to college tuition. A hospital birth will cost you an average of $5,708 out-of-pocket for two children, for those enrolled in a large group health plan. But that’s just the beginning—the cost of raising two children to the age of 18 is now estimated at over half a million dollars ($576,896).

If your kids are planning on going to college, the average tuition (including room and board) for sending two kids to an in-state school for one year will cost about $42,070.


If your family includes a furry friend, you could be looking at up to $67k in lifetime costs for a dog and cat that each live for 15 years.

Home and Car

Of course for many, owning a home is a major part of the American Dream. However, mortgage rates have been on the rise as the Federal Reserve has continued its campaign to cool inflation by raising its benchmark interest rate. In October 2023, mortgage rates hit 7.79%, the highest since 2000. Home sales fell to a 13-year low in the same month, thanks to high mortgage rates pricing many buyers out of the market.

The average lifetime cost of a home including a mortgage with a 10% down payment and a 30-year fixed rate of 7.2% is now about $796,998, according to Investopedia’s analysis.

Further, the lifetime costs of buying cars for you and your family is estimated to run you about $271,330 for 10 purchases. That’s for a six-year-old used car, purchased every six years of adulthood from the ages of 16 to 80.


So you’ve worked hard all your life to raise your family and now you’re looking to retire in your golden years? You’re going to need at least $715,968 saved if you’re planning on living off of 80% of your pre-retirement annual income, as experts recommend. If this total sounds impossible, check out our retirement investing guides to get started. It’s never too late.


The ‘Cost of the American Dream’ is estimated from costs associated with 10 aspects of life that individuals may need or choose for themselves. It is not a reflection of all costs associated with life in the United States today, and may include elements some may not choose for themselves, as well as exclude elements that may be necessary for some. Below is a description of how each cost estimate was sourced and/or calculated.

Cost of delivering two children from Peterson-KFF’s 2018-2020 Health System Tracker analysis of MarketScan data showing that average additional health spending associated with pregnancy, relative to women of the same age who do not give birth, among people with large employer coverage is $2,854. Note: for those without access to insurance coverage, the out-of-pocket costs would likely be higher.

KFF’s 2023 Employer Health Benefits Survey which reports the average premium for family coverage is $23,968 per year. Total estimate shown for family coverage per year between the ages 26 and 65 (totaling 39 years).

Cost of raising two children to 18 from USDA’s 2015 Expenditures on Children by Families 2015 report which provides estimates of the cost of raising children from birth through age 17 for major budgetary components. 2015 figures adjusted to 2022 estimates using CPI data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Car costs calculated from iSeeCars’ 2023 Study where the average age of a car purchased in 2023 is reported to be 6.1 years, while the average purchase price of a 6-year-old vehicle is $27,133. According to S&P Global Mobility, the average duration of a car on the road is 12.5 years, meaning the average used car purchased in 2023 could be expected to last approximately 6 years. Total estimates shown for a used car purchase every 6 years between the driving ages of 16 to 80, estimating a total of 10 used car purchases in a lifetime; repairs and insurance not included.


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  1. Let’s not forget the Epiphany today. Today, the three magi worshipped the divinity of Jesus at the manger in Bethlehem on behalf of us Gentiles.
    When the magi asked the Jews where the new king was to be found, they replied in Bethlehem, but they kept it to themselves that the prophets foretold him as king and that he would be preceded by a star.

    1. And when the three wise men came upon Jesus, they bowed down and worshiped him. Of course, they never return to Herod, as God Almighty himself told them to depart. The Jews wanted to kill Jesus way back then and slew all the little infants in the surrounding area to make certain that their little established extortion racket was maintained. Some things never change.

      Matthew 2:11-12 KJV – 11 And when they were come into the house, they saw the young child with Mary his mother, and fell down, and worshipped him: and when they had opened their treasures, they presented unto him gifts; gold, and frankincense, and myrrh.
      12 And being warned of God in a dream that they should not return to Herod, they departed into their own country another way.

      1. What is lost in most of the English speaking world is that Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. In many traditional Christian societies the Christmas holiday season lasted a couple of weeks around Christmas through early January. In early January three kings day was an equally revered holiday as Christmas.
        Christmas in the USA and Canada is a joke where it is just one day and then the next day it is all but forgotten. Today’s Christmas in the USA is a month of getting all worked up for the right gift and most of all getting the right gift and then it is suddenly over on December 25.

        I don’t bother with the January 1 celebrations as it carries no religious significance. In addition, January 1 is just a celebration to go back to school or work the next day in most of the English speaking western world. In traditional Christian cultures January 1 was really not celebrated and it was in the middle of the holiday season.

        1. The Advent calendar used to be a big deal. While it’s biblically evident that Jesus wasn’t born in December, but rather in early Fall, whatever we observe, we do so in the name of God Almighty through Christ. Thus, if we observe Christ’s birth on 12/25 or whatever date, it’s what is in our heart that matters. Clearly, the typical heathen’s heart is far from God.

          I ask the reader; will the two witnesses be killed during the Christmas holiday? Maybe on the Winter solstice? On Christmas day their bodies rise. After 3.5 days… It seems likely…

          Revelation 11:9-11 KJV –
          9 And they of the people and kindreds and tongues and nations shall see their dead bodies three days and an half, and shall not suffer their dead bodies to be put in graves.
          10 And they that dwell upon the earth shall rejoice over them, and make merry, and shall send gifts one to another; because these two prophets tormented them that dwelt on the earth.
          11 And after three days and an half the Spirit of life from God entered into them, and they stood upon their feet; and great fear fell upon them which saw them.

  2. Lately it seems that some very very big companies are buying up very big companies. Two of my customers got bought up twice, each time by a bigger fish, and a popular aftermarket auto parts supply outlet got bought by a private equity firm. Apparently money does grow on trees. To me this is mind blowing the amount of money needed to buy out a company that I think is already huge. These massive company buyers must not have received the Zero Hedge economic collapse memo?

    1. Money does indeed grow on trees… that is for the asset owners. The generated money all ends up in the balance sheets of the asset owners as the unilateral transfers from the Feds are spent by the multicolored rabble and the Federal agencies (DoD, GSA, NSA, USDA, FHA, etc.) and end up in the hands of those who can capture all that spending and money.

      Wealth and power consolidation has never been more straightforward. Yet the alt-media and those who are unable to articulate the process, like Joel Skousen, quote Zerohedge and the Epoch Times and declare a collapse must follow as a result of all the craziness and greed.

      What fools! Money does indeed grow on trees.

      Here is a link to USTs Debt to the Penny site. Buy the assets to capture the money growing on the trees. The $34 trillion mark has been crossed…


      1. The alt-media keep their followers on the sidelines with fear and double-mindedness while the asset owners get wealthier like clockwork. AJ, Mike Adams, Joel Skousen say they understand, yet their financial “advice” totally missed and continues to miss the mark.

        A big swing and a miss. At some point a reasonable person has to conclude that it’s not stupidity on their part.

  3. Excellent article concerning QT and how the Fed will need to cease its balance sheet unwind. After the RRP facility is drained, bank reserves will be considered to be too low, given the high public debt needs. In other words, who will be around to absorb all the additional debt if the Fed IOER and RRP facilities are drained and the Fed continues to unwind? There will not be enough savings available unless MM funds rates rise to attract buyers. The Fed must cease its unwinding within a few months by Springtime…

    Forget Rates, Now Worry About the Fed Unwinding Its Balance Sheet

    (Bloomberg) — The memory of a corner of the funding markets blowing up more than four years ago is still seared into the brains of many market participants. That episode will also be back of mind for the Federal Reserve as it attempts to halt its balance sheet runoff again.

    This past week, the minutes from the latest Federal Open Market Committee meeting revealed that the Fed is already thinking about its balance sheet. But the last time the Fed attempted to slowly halt the process of unwinding its balance sheet — a process known as quantitative tightening, or QT, its efforts lasted only months before ructions in 2019 in the funding markets prompted a re-think.

    During that episode, there was already evidence that bank reserves — a bellwether for how it conducts policy — were scarce. That is, financial institutions had just enough cash to satisfy regulatory and balance sheet needs. As a result, this exacerbated typical pressures when the combination of increased government borrowing and a corporate tax payment exacerbated a shortage of reserves. Overnight repo rates — widely relied upon by Wall Street to fund day-to-day operations — jumped five-fold to as high as 10% and order was only restored after the Fed restarted repo operations to stabilize the market.

    While funding markets are nowhere near those extreme levels today, a number of recent events have caused some market participants to believe it’s time for the Fed to start thinking about ending QT. For starters, balances at the overnight reverse repurchase agreement (RRP) facility, which represent excess liquidity in the financial system, have fallen by nearly $1.5 trillion since June. Moreover, bouts of volatility at the end of November and December drove the Secured Overnight Financing Rate to new all-time highs.

    As a result, in the minutes of the December Federal Open Market Committee Meeting released earlier this week, policymakers said it would be appropriate to begin discussing the factors that would guide the central bank’s decision to slow the pace of QT well before a decision has been reached.

    “This is a very prudent step,” said Mark Cabana, head of US interest rate strategy at Bank of America Corp. “We very much worry that the lowest comfortable level of reserves is substantially higher than what the Fed had previously suggested it might be. It’s constructive that they’re starting these discussions now as opposed to waiting and needing to start them as money-market rates rise much more rapidly.”

    The cautiousness exhibited in the minutes is an about-face from Chair Jerome Powell’s comments at the December post-meeting press conference. At that time, Powell had signaled he was comfortable with the current level of reserves and said the central bank would slow or halt balance-sheet reductions as needed to make sure they remain “somewhat above” a level the Fed considered “ample.”

    For over 18 months, the Fed has been letting as much as $60 billion in Treasuries and as much as $35 billion in agency debt holdings mature every month.

    By contrast, the last time the central bank attempted to shrink the size of its balance sheet in 2018, it was only letting as much as $30 billion in Treasuries and as much as $20 billion in agency debt run off — nearly half the size of the current plan. In May of 2019, the Fed slashed the reinvestment cap for Treasuries to $15 billion before eliminating the limit entirely in August, while continuing to let its mortgage-backed securities holdings roll down. That first era of quantitative tightening lasted less than a year.

    The problem now is that it’s unclear how many reserves would constitute an “ample” level. Recent market angst and the central bank’s latest survey suggests that a reserve balances at $3.46 trillion may not be as ample as policymakers think, especially given many institutions suggest they prefer to hold a buffer of reserves to ensure they have enough liquidity.

    At the same time, Wall Street strategists are hopeful a plan is in place before the Fed’s RRP facility is nearly empty. Bank of America’s Cabana is skeptical the Fed will be able to continue QT for much more than a quarter after the facility is drained, with the risk that policymakers will have to slow or stop the Fed’s balance sheet reduction in the second quarter. That’s in line with Barclays Plc’s outlook, with the Fed ending QT in June or July. Deutsche Bank AG analysts expect the slowing of the balance sheet unwind to coincide with central bank rate cuts beginning in June.

    “Rather than risking a spike in funding rates as happened in 2019, we expect the Fed to err on the side of caution,” Barclays strategist Joseph Abate wrote in a note to clients. “This argues for stopping QT sooner with bank reserves perhaps still above $3trn and some lingering balances (of a few hundred billion dollars) in the RRP.”

  4. Headline data definitely stronger, but prior two month’s data downward revised. That would have fleshed out in prior household survey data. Inflation still running hot. Wage growth still running hot…

    Average Hourly Earnings (MoM) (Dec)
    Act: 0.4% Cons: 0.3% Prev: 0.4%

    Average Hourly Earnings (YoY) (YoY) (Dec)
    Act: 4.1% Cons: 3.9% Prev: 4.0%

    Average Weekly Hours (Dec)
    Act: 34.3 Cons: 34.4 Prev: 34.4

    Government Payrolls (Dec)
    Act: 52.0K Cons: Prev: 37.0K

    Manufacturing Payrolls (Dec)
    Act: 6K Cons: 5K Prev: 26K

    Nonfarm Payrolls (Dec)
    Act: 216K Cons: 170K Prev: 173K

    Participation Rate (Dec)
    Act: 62.5% Cons: 62.8% Prev: 62.8%

    Private Nonfarm Payrolls (Dec)
    Act: 164K Cons: 130K Prev: 136K

    U6 Unemployment Rate (Dec)
    Act: 7.1% Cons: Prev: 7.0%

    Unemployment Rate (Dec)
    Act: 3.7% Cons: 3.8% Prev: 3.7%

      1. Sick and dying people don’t work or work a lot less than before.

        Just talked to a friend last night who is active in the church choir and other activities. She said she knows many people who are getting colds that last more than a month. In addition, she also knows a lot of people who are getting sinus infections. Her choir group is on skeleton crew due to everyone being out sick. What is strange is that I also had a cold and it only lasted a week which is the standard time period. I’m not vaccinated.
        I suspect that all her friends are vaccinated and their immune systems have crashed.

        The unvaccinated folks will be pressured to look after the vaccinated sick and dying friends and relatives. If any of these sick and dying people mocked or bullied the unvaccinated folk then I feel there is no obligation to care for these people. They are getting the fate they deserve. I only care for the sick vaccinated people who respected my choice.

        1. The prophecy of the popes comes to an end in 2027.

          The first pope on the list is Celestine II, who was elected in 1143. Pope Sixtus V, whose line in the prophecy is stated as “axle in the midst of a sign” was elected in 1585. The word “sign” in this context is used to refer to the prophecy itself. Thus, the election of Sixtus V refers to the middle of the prophecy.

          The time difference between the election of Celestine II and Sixtus V is 442 years. If we move forward another 442 years from the election of Sixtus V, we arrive at 2027. Pope Francis is number 112, the final entry in the prophecy. Pope Francis will be the pope in 2027 when the prophecy comes to an end.

          2027. The time is now.

        2. An acquaintance just passed away a couple days ago – diagnosed in October with a brain tumor. A former family member is starting radiation in a week (dead man walking). Another extended family member is having his blood replaced because of pancreas issues – his chances of being healthy enough to work again are slim and he may not survive. All vaxxed, boosted and in their 50’s.

          1. My dad, who is quadrupled covid vaxxed, just got diagnosed with brain cancer last month. While he had cancer since fall of 2022, his MRI in August 2023 showed no brain cancer. He went and got a flu shot and suffered serious side effects in December of 2023 and they did another MRI and found stage 4 brain cancer. This is turbo cancer.
            The doctors think he only has at most 1 year to live and he is going downhill fast.

            My sister got diagnosed with breast cancer right after her Covid shots in 2021 and just had a fast growing melanoma removed a month ago. She is also quadrupled vaxxed.

            I am willing to care for my dad as he respected my vaccine choice whereas I feel no obligation to care for my sister as she isolated me and mocked my anti-vaccine stance.
            Given my loyalty to Jesus Christ and his teaching on forgiveness, I would still care for my sister as well. Nevertheless , my sister especially deserved the fate she is getting for being an agent of Dr Falsy and the bullying mainstream media.

            I can go on about people around me suddenly having unexplained medical conditions.

            The big lesson here is hold your ground against peer pressure to do the Devil’s deeds.
            Pray to God to give yourself strength to follow his will in the face of peer pressure. Your spiritual and physical life depends on this.

            1. Family and friends are fighting a bunch of cancers and mysterious illnesses. One now has ongoing migraines and will be getting a nasal operation. Total fools, while I skate by. One of my nephews on LI needed to get the injections to keep his job in NYC, and now he has sundry issues including precancerous polyps in the colon. He’s in his late thirties. The rest of the family on Long Island did not get any. They are fine.

    1. $ELVA named a new #1 on Zack’s this morning. Zack’s was impressed with yesterday’s earnings and revenue projections and so was I. I bought a couple thousand shares for a gamble. $3.36. I see $4.00 soon.

      1. Nobody stops by the new website and posts comments, but I hope you read my stock pick this morning. I am out of $ELVA at $4.00. Thank you very much for good trading profits today..

        If the stock falls back again, I will load back up. It’s a good pic and I seem to mention good pics quite often. I can help stick a couple thousand bucks in your pocket, but I can’t force it upon you.

        1. Objection, Your Honor Stone! I read your blog as often as your old one and I thank you for taking so much time to write for us (few).

  5. Euro-Area Inflation Picks Up Again as Energy Aid Is Removed

    (Bloomberg) — Euro-zone inflation quickened in December, highlighting the rocky path back to 2% foreseen by the European Central Bank as governments remove support for lofty energy costs.

    Consumer prices rose 2.9% from a year ago, up from 2.4% in November, Eurostat said Friday. That matched the median estimate in a Bloomberg survey of economists.

    The burden from energy eased by much less than in the previous month, driven in large part by Germany’s decision to cover households’ heating bills in the final month of 2022. A measure of core prices omitting such volatile elements fell for a fifth month, to 3.4%.

    The first acceleration in headline inflation since April had been flagged by ECB officials, who’ve warned that hitting their target remains a challenge even after a dramatic slowdown in recent months. Progress is set be more gradual this year because of additional statistical effects and the continued phase-out of state aid.

    What Bloomberg Economics Says…

    “The bigger picture is that underlying inflation is falling back and both core and headline inflation will likely undershoot the ECB’s December forecast. But the ECB is likely to be more cautious about declaring victory on inflation than the Fed, making June the more likely timing for a first cut.”

    —Jamie Rush and Maeva Cousin, economists. Click here for full REACT

    Investors have nevertheless piled into bets that the ECB will start lowering interest rates sooner than mid-2024 — a point some officials have identified as the earliest possibility. A bumpier downward path for inflation could help policymakers cool such wagers, which have been pared a little at the start of this year.

    Money markets held wagers on rate cuts, pricing 145 basis points of monetary-policy easing by end-2024, compared with almost 175 basis points expected last week.

    “We currently foresee that inflation may pick up again temporarily in the near term,” ECB Executive Board member Isabel Schnabel said in late December. “We still have some way to go and we will see how difficult the famous ‘last mile’ will be.”

    The euro-zone data follow a string of national reports that revealed divergence across the bloc’s biggest economies. While inflation jumped in Germany, it accelerated more moderately in France, held steady in Spain and slowed in Italy.

    A sluggish economy may aid the ECB to temper price pressures. Weighed down by high borrowing costs, weak global demand and geopolitics, euro-area output probably shrank in the fourth quarter after a similar contraction in the preceding three months — resulting in a first recession since the pandemic, albeit a mild one.

    Labor-market resilience, though, is keeping alive concerns that price growth could be more stubborn — especially if workers’ wages continue to increase at the current pace.

    The region’s inflation pickup won’t last long, according to economists polled by Bloomberg, who see an average rate of 2.7% in the first quarter.

    That’s a little more optimistic than the ECB, which projected at its December meeting that prices would grow 2.9% in that period, only hitting the 2% goal in mid-2025.

    “Unit labor costs are rising, which adds to inflationary pressures,” Vice President Luis de Guindos said last month. “We will analyze developments in wage costs and profit margins, as both factors could delay the return of inflation to our 2% target. We are keeping a very close eye on this.”

    Looking ahead to January, Bloomberg Economics’ nowcast points to euro-area inflation of 2.7%, taking the latest data into account.

  6. $ALT rocketing as $MRK CEO mentioning it needs to get into the obesity game with a ALT clone. Why not buy $ALT? Make us rich….

    Foods are now as addictive as heroin with chemicals, processing, and additives that rearrange body and brain chemistry. Now the synagogue has $1,500 a month drugs to fight off the food addictions.

    Is “Pastor” Chuck Lawson still propounding with his deep and loud voice that the Old Testament was written for the Jews and that it was nailed to the cross? Does he still accept tax-deductible donations? Does he still claim that the Jews are our brothers? Is he still perpetuating the Schofield line?

    I have a Jewish friend, who married my longtime Christian friend, and whose father was a federal judge appointed under Reagan. He died a few years ago at the age of 94 and served in a federal district court until his death. This judge also officiated their wedding ceremony in his backyard on the water. Of course, they had money. I was in the wedding party and stood right next to the judge. When the Jewish groom’s father was asked how would the ceremony be handled in this manner and what does the Bible say, he stated that the Bible is not specific (which is not true), although he did utter under his breath immediately afterwards that he defers to the Talmud anyway.

    That’s right, a federal judge defers to the Talmud on matters of marriage and jurisprudence.

    And we know what the Talmud says regarding Jesus’s fate.

    For the few Caucasian biblical Christians out there who read my blog, I beg you to overcome the lies and own the income generating assets. This is not just my opinion, but rather a necessity based on overwhelming evidence. No one in the alt-media claimed this. That’s because the alt-media is run by Talmudic Jews who hate us and Jesus.

  7. China CCP is also controlled by the synagogue of Satan/ Rothschilds. All the synagogue controlled economies and monetary policies work the same way. Just cut and paste the names according to each country…

    China 10-Year Yield Hits Lowest Since 2020 as Easing Bets Mount

    (Bloomberg) — China’s bond market rally has continued into 2024 as bets on the potential for interest-rate cuts gathered pace following weak economic data at the end of last year.

    The yield on 10-year sovereign notes dropped to 2.54% on Thursday, the lowest since April 2020, extending a decline that kicked off in November. A combination of liquidity support from the People’s Bank of China and major lenders slashing deposit rates for a third time in 2023 fueled expectations that Beijing will loosen monetary policy further to aid growth.

    “Rate-cut expectations are in play and also markets overall remain bearish on China’s growth outlook,” said Albert Leung, a strategist at Nomura International in Hong Kong. Yields may have more room to fall if those rate cut expectations hold firm in the absence of any forceful fiscal or property stimulus, he added.

  8. The SoS are engineering a full court press to make certain their liberal goy boy, Donald Trump, is the Republican fall guy in 2024….. Any other Republican would win, but Trump had hundreds of millions in payoff loans since he left office. Supposedly his net worth also increased by at least $500 million since he left office. It amazes me that Jones and the alt-media still support him. Joel Skousen still thinks Trump is open to reason except that Trump is lazy in his reliance on insiders. Skousen doesn’t understand that Trump is designed to facilitate the communist shift and is only a controlled opponent. Trump also somehow has all his legal bills paid with donations. Those donations, of course, come from Rothschild….

    How death threats get Republicans to fall in line behind Trump

    The insidious way violence is changing American politics — and shaping the 2024 election.

    1. I think Trump will be the inevitable Republican nominee. Nikki Haley is the only Republican candidate that stands a chance of beating Biden if the polls are accurate. I don’t think Trump nor any of the other Republican candidates have a chance of beating Biden other than Nikki Haley. Nikki Haley is just another establishment neo-con that works for the SoS as well as Trump.

      1. A Trump nomination will insure an across the board Democrat control and ultimate destruction of the USA. In states with open primaries and caucuses the Democrats will cross over and vote for Trump to insure a Democrat victory. This is what happened in the 2022 midterm election primaries that propelled pro Trump republicans to their respective nominations and ultimate defeat by their democrat opponents. Check out this article that revealed these shenanigans:

      2. He drives all viable candidates to the sidelines while Mr. Apprentice steals the attention. Many viable candidates don’t have a chance as long as the Rothschild media focus on Trump as the right’s martyr.

  9. Here’s a story out of Greensboro, NC, regarding the murder of a decorated Caucasian police officer by three black youths. The local TV station stated the off duty police officer intervened during an attempted theft of several cases of beer that the three thugs were intending to sell in order to buy drugs. The total amount was $83… Need I say more? This only made small press, because this black on Caucasian crime involved a highly regarded police officer. As always, keep in mind that black on Caucasian crime is eight times greater than Caucasian on black crime. Only Caucasian fools live in Black areas…

    Here’s what we know now: Off-duty police officer shot at Sheetz gas station dies

    Who was the officer that was killed?

    Officers with the Greensboro Police Department have identified Sergeant Philip Dale Nix. Police said he served with the department for over 20 years and worked under the following assignments:

    •Criminal Investigations Division (CID) Detective
    •Patrol Corporal
    •Patrol Sergeant
    •Supervisor of the Family Victims Unit
    •Team Leader for the Peer Support Team for over 12 years
    •Most recently the Assistant Team Leader of the GPD Honor Guard.

    Who was charged?

    Three suspects have been arrested in connection with Sergeant Nix’s death, according to the Greensboro Police Department. Officers said they charged Jamere Justice Foster, 18, Z’quriah Le’Pearce Blackwell, 18, and John Walter Morrison, 28.

    Foster is charged with first-degree murder, larceny, and conspiracy to commit larceny and is held with no bond.

    Blackwell is charged with accessory after the fact to first-degree murder and is held with a $500,000 bond.

    Additional charges may be forthcoming as the investigation continues, police said.

    1. BTW as a long time SFR investor and property manager, I now recommend Caucasians avoiding minority areas for owning SFRs. It’s tempting, since cap rates are essentially double those in the Caucasian areas, but the laws, restrictions, pro-tenant courts, and deep blue mindset of the black voters make whites a logical target. I didn’t care about race, but via their brainwashing via the synagogue media, they are now obsessed with it. Landlords beware.

      If a race of people vote 88% Democrat, that’s a clue as to their mindset. Plus, that vote is an anti-white vote.

      1. You are more likely to get bad paying, hateful tenants if you own SFR in majority colored areas. While the cap rates may be great it would be more difficult to collect money from these colored tenants and they are more likely to deliberately destroy your place. That is the sad reality of these hateful, resentful tenants in blue areas.

    2. These white liberal multiculturalists can live in high crime black neighborhoods to ease their own guilt, bring peace and reconciliation to these neighborhoods and ultimately die.

  10. The Bible-haters, the European Caucasian-despisers, and NT-only Christians would freak out to think that a Supreme Court Chief Justice would ever say the following words as recently as 1954. The alt-Christians fully believe the USA was founded by the devil and the evil whites, Freemasons, and synagogue bankers. They hate themselves so much they are fornicating with strange flesh and other races. What better way to rid the world of those evil white colonizers than to breed it out of us?

    “I believe no one can read the history of our country without realizing that the Good Book and the Spirit of our Savior have from the beginning been our guiding geniuses. Whether we look to the first Charter of Virginia or to the Charter of Massachusetts Bay, or to the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut, the same objective is present. A Christian government of Christian principles. I believe the entire Bill of Rights came into being because of the knowledge our forefathers had of the Bible and their express belief in it: freedom of belief, of expression, of assembly, of petition, the dignity of the individual, the sanctity of the home, equal justice under the law, and the reservation of power to the people. I like to believe we are living today in the spirit of the Christian religion. I like also to believe that as long as we do so no great harm can come to our country.”

    Chief Justice Earl Warren 1954

    While attending a prayer breakfast in Washington D.C., Justice Warren delivered a speech in which he lauded America’s unique Christian origin and heritage. Time Magazine was there to capture the Chief Justice’s words.

  11. Stone,
    I wish you a happy and healthy new year 2024.
    Your wisdom has hit the nail on the head and served all of us well.

    Thank you

  12. A direct descendant of Judah, very likely through David, steps down from her throne…

    Denmark’s Queen Steps Down as World’s Longest Ruling Monarch

    (Bloomberg) — Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, the world’s longest-serving monarch, said she will hand over her position to her son after 52 years on the throne.

    The queen, 83, cited deteriorating health for her decision, in a speech Sunday to the nation. She will formally step down Jan. 14, leaving the throne to her oldest son, 55-year-old Crown Prince Frederik.

    “I have decided that now is the right time,” the queen said in her televised New Year’s speech. “Time wears on and the ailments multiply. One can no longer cope the same as one did before.”

    After the 2022 death of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, who was a close friend as well as a distant cousin, Margrethe became the world’s longest-ruling monarch. Hassanal Bolkiah, the Sultan of Brunei, has held the title of ruler longer than Margrethe, but his country only became independent in 1984. Margrethe also in 2023 became the longest-sitting ruler in the 1,200 years of the Danish monarchy.

    The popularity of the queen, known for her sharp wit and artistic abilities, has supported Europe’s oldest monarchy through a half-century during which Denmark underwent sweeping societal changes, and royal houses elsewhere in Europe became mired in scandal.

    Her position as monarch in a country with a democratic constitution has never widely been questioned. In a 2022 opinion poll by newspaper Jyllands-Posten, 72% of Danes said they supported the monarchy. In a 2023 survey by TV2, 78% said they expected Denmark would still have a monarchy in 50 years, up from 67% in a 2015 poll.

    Not that Margrethe’s reign was crisis-free. In 2022, she stripped four of her grandchildren of their royal titles in a streamlining move, provoking what she acknowledged were “strong reactions.” And during her ailing husband’s final years, he complained publicly about his role.

    Part of the queen’s appeal has come from her multiple talents. She’s fluent in Danish, German, English, French and Swedish. Her work as an artist has spanned paintings, book illustrations, theater costume designs and church textiles. Her works have been displayed in more than 50 museums from Tokyo to Washington.

    In 1981, working under a pseudonym, she translated into Danish a book by the French philosopher and feminist Simone de Beauvoir, All Men Are Mortal.

    Although Margrethe was the first woman to rule Denmark in 560 years, she refused to vocally promote gender equality, to the disappointment of some members of Danish women’s rights groups.

    “I prefer not to be involved in any movement,” she said during a trip to the US in 1976, when gender issues were high on the agenda in her homeland. “I have sympathy for it, but my job is to be queen, and that requires all my abilities and strength.”

    No Sons

    Margrethe was born on April 16, 1940, the first of three daughters of King Frederik IX and Queen Ingrid. Her birth at the royal place in Copenhagen came one week after Nazi Germany attacked and occupied Denmark.

    At the time, she wasn’t in line to become head of state, as the constitution only allowed male succession. That would have meant the monarchy passing to her uncle, Knud.

    But popular sentiment was behind the bright, young princess. A constitutional referendum was held in 1953 that paved the way for female succession if the royal couple didn’t have any sons. In 2009, the law of succession was changed again to give the first-born the right to the throne, regardless of gender.

    In the period 1960-1965, Crown Princess Margrethe studied at the University of Copenhagen, the University of Cambridge, the London School of Economics and the Sorbonne, completing courses in archeology and political science.

    Margrethe has said that if she hadn’t been a monarch she would have been torn between becoming an archaeologist or an artist.

    “I’m fortunate that I never had to face that dilemma because I knew what my task was, but then found out that I could still pursue the arts and also to some extent archeology,” the queen said in the 2011 interview book M, by author Jens Andersen.

    ‘I Am Sorry’

    In 1967, she married Henri Marie Jean Andre, a French count who had grown up in Vietnam. He took the Danish name Prince Consort Henrik. They had two sons: Crown Prince Frederik in 1968 and Prince Joachim the year after.

    She ascended the throne in 1972 after the death of her father and balanced her work as an artist with her royal duties.

    Margrethe faced her biggest public crisis in the last years of her marriage as Henrik repeatedly complained about his role and said he should have been given the title of king.

    In 2017, he said he didn’t want to be buried with his wife in the Roskilde Cathedral, as had been planned. Later that year, the royal court issued a statement saying the prince suffered from dementia.

    When he died in 2018, at age 83, Henrik was cremated, and a portion of his ashes was placed in the garden of a royal castle near Copenhagen. The other part was spread in Danish waters, in accordance with his wishes.

    The move to strip the titles from the children of Margrethe’s younger son followed similar downsizing in other royal houses, such as in Sweden. A week after it was announced, Margrethe apologized to her family but stuck by her decision, saying it was “in keeping with the times” and necessary to “future-proof” the institution, according to the royal court.

    “I have made my decision as Queen, mother and grandmother, but, as a mother and grandmother, I have underestimated the extent to which much my younger son and his family feel affected,” she said in a written statement at the time. “That makes a big impression, and for that I am sorry.”

    The queen suffered from back and knee pain in her later years. After undergoing surgery in 2023, she quit a heavy smoking habit, which had lasted 66 years and often was subject of debate. Health professionals had called on the queen to be a better role model.

  13. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our good “Stone” for the selfless education he has been providing for us for many years.
    May the Lord bless you and always give you the graces you need.
    For the new year 2024, I wish you all the best, the best of health and much perseverance to keep on the right path in this wicked world.

  14. From Bloomberg this morning… This can go on, because the adversary who owns the Fed has trained us to mix it up, thus diffusing any true resistance.

    Mixing it up can be profitable (to the asset owners) 🤑💰💹

    The year the Fed won.

    This year has certainly delivered spectacular highs and excruciating lows in business—and many unexpected twists and turns. Stocks were supposed to slump and bonds rally, but that didn’t play out as the US Federal Reserve seems to have engineered an elusive soft-landing. Emerging markets had a banner year and crypto rose from the ashes after some eye-popping scandals. The combined net worth of the 500 richest people surged by $1.5 trillion, fully rebounding from the $1.4 trillion lost the year prior. Nobody fared better wealth-wise than Elon Musk, who also notched some of the year’s most notable CEO mishaps. Nobody had a swifter fall than Sam Bankman-Fried, convicted for fraud and conspiracy and losing $16 billion in just days. L’Oreal heir Francoise Bettencourt Meyers became the first woman with a $100 billion fortune. Taylor Swift’s concert tour brought in as much money as the economies of some small countries, propelling her to the rarified status of music billionaire. And did we mention this was the year artificial intelligence star ChatGPT changed everything?

    1. The amount of debt issuance has been tapering off lately. We have been stuck in the $33 trillion zone for quite some time. According to the UST Debt to the Penny, the current level as of December 28th stands at $33,911,227,723,170.48.

      We need to break through this with gusto in order to pad our balance sheets.

      By the way, I think we might be in for some equity market retracement come the new year. The stock market averages have just been going absolutely gangbusters and there will be profit taking on the other side of January 1. But the bull market thesis is intact on all assets.

      Take those injections and do your part to battle climate change! For you biblical Caucasians out there, listen to Pope #112, be self-loathing, and please die already.

    2. Looking at how much it costs to attain the American dream, I would say the economy has already collapsed for those who do not own the income generating assets. There’s no need to wait for that proverbial shoe to drop. The synagogue has already taken off their shoes and have been beating the rabble for decades.

    3. The financial raping is not exclusively focused on the western developed Nations, but it is a worldwide phenomenon as the wealth and power must be consolidated prior to the emergence of the Great Tribulation. Money stock measures worldwide increased at a phenomenal rate over the past few years and are now tapering off as the wealth has been dutifully placed under the auspices of the synagogue Banks….

      Peru’s Inflation Slows Less Than Expected in December

      (Bloomberg) — Peru’s inflation slowed less than expected in December but now stands within short distance of the central bank’s target range.

      Consumer prices in the capital, Lima, rose 3.24% from the previous year, compared with a median estimate of 3.20% in a Bloomberg survey of economists. Prices rose 0.41% from November, the national statistics bureau reported on Monday.

      Peru’s inflation has exceeded the central bank target of 1% to 3% since June 2021. The rate peaked at more than 8% by mid-2022, and only started a period of sustained decline earlier this year, following an aggressive monetary tightening campaign that boosted borrowing costs to 7.75%.

      Since then, the central bank led by Julio Velarde has cut rates four times, to the current level of 6.75%.

      Velarde has said inflation is now under control, allowing government officials to focus on reviving an economy stuck in its deepest recession in over two decades.

  15. I hadn’t seen one of my sisters in four years since Christmas 2019, and her personality is completely different than before. She is unrecognizable and has depression problems. I sat across her in the diner and whenever I would discuss anything that contradicted the narrative she would chuckle, whistle, and sing; at the table. Her personality transformation mirrors what this doctor claims. She was injected at least three times. Also, an immediate family member has transformed in my house. It is like invasion of the body snatchers. What this doctor says makes perfect sense.

    Personality Changes and Depression as a Consequence of the Vaxx

    1. No doubt there are personality changes in people who got the Covid kill shot. I have visited my home office last summer for the first time since the Covid panic in 2020. Just about everybody in the office except one are vaccinated. Most of the same people were there but I noticed that they were much more subdued and zombie like since 2019. They seemed to have much less energy than before. There was one guy in the office who is not vaccinated (God bless him) who is his same old self.

      The attorney I work for down there who is vaccinated also seems to be more spacey and also more subdued. He takes a lot longer these days to respond to conversations. Definitely signs of brain fog going on. Another attorney feels like he can’t handle numbers any more.

      Here is what has happened to my immediate family members since they got vaccinated:

      1) My father is in the worst shape. They first discovered cancer around his lungs and chest when they x rayed him for an eye problem in the fall of 2022. After multiple chemotherapy treatments the cancer has gone turbo and quickly spread to his brain. My dad is quickly going downhill and needs nursing care. The doctors and my gut feeling say that he has only 4 months to a year of life left. This is very stressful for all of us.

      2) My sister has had breast cancer soon after her first two shots. She also has a resurgence of melanoma that she had removed before the Covid. Fortunately she is in better shape than my father, however, she feels she will not live as long as she previously expected.

      3) My niece has heart palpitations and irregular heart beats since last year. She also has developing eye problems since last year.

      4) My youngest cousin has suddenly become diabetic with type 1. In addition she got Covid a couple of times.

      5) My other cousin who got vaccinated multiple times also got Covid several times.

      It is obvious that these Covid vaccines exacerbate previous health conditions and create new health problems especially cancers. I don’t care what other people believe, the Covid vaccines bring on more cancer and other health issues. I see it for myself and I have read so many reports of previously healthy people suddenly suffering from major cancers and other health issues.

      The Covid vaxxed are feeling depressed and have low energy due to all their health issues.

      To add insult to injury, these Covid vaccines do not prevent these people from getting Covid. Vaccinated people end up getting Covid anyway.

      I have not and will never take any Covid vaccines. I will not take any other vaccines anymore as I do not trust any vaccines anymore.

      Those who are unvaccinated will have the responsibility of caring for the vaccinated family members who are sick and dying. We will have a lot of work if you care about your family members.
      If they were vaccine bullies, I would not feel any obligation.

      While I feel sad for my suffering vaccinated family members, I do not feel guilty. I have warned every one to hold off on these vaccines as the science behind these vaccines are new and unproven.
      Those who bullied people into taking these vaccines and later drop dead or suffer health issues (I.e the vaccine bullies) deserve their fate.

  16. Look at $CYTK for a clue as to how drug stocks can perform when they announce positive news.

    Why $ALT is so cheap is beyond me. I think they have disappointed on a number of occasions over the years and that has created a sense of incredulity among investors.

    Biotech stocks are rocking, because they are inventing drugs to help overcome the mRNA injection diseases. Death and disease are very profitable.

    It’s the black horse 🐎

    1. Biotech rocking would help me out because the specialized pumps I rebuild are used in LC and GC mass spectrometers. Another one of my big customers got swallowed up by another bigger fish. They own a company that services mass spectrometers but send the turbo pumps to me. I am really small time in the big picture in terms of volume but it has been stated by many that the quality of my repairs are the best in the country.

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