A response to a reader; The Great Taking

So what happens to our investment accounts after a giant cyber attack? Will public companies become defacto private companies owned by the boards or the Government? I wonder? Looks like a great way to complete the great taking.


There’s no need for the powers to do that. Let me explain…

The Great Taking in the 2000s

The Great Taking has accelerated since 2020 with the tens of trillions in covid related global fiscal deficit spending. All of the resulting sovereign nation state debt securities that were effectively printed are being used to buy up the globe and has facilitated the Great Taking. These powers seem to be buying up everything and price is no longer an object. That’s because this multi-generational Great Taking is close to wrapping up.

To add insult to injury, all of this fiscal deficit spending winds up on the balance sheets of those who own the assets as profit. This paper trail can be easily explained by intermediate managerial accounting principles. By function and design, the more income-generating assets a person owns the wealthier they become. It’s like having their cake and eating it, too.

Those in power promote their carnival barkers, like the billionaire Donald Trump, who is nothing but the Goldstein of 1984. Those in power use people like Donald Trump to defuse and partisanize true resistance to the objectives of the New World Order, so that they can accelerate their Great Taking. With Trump in the picture, the adversary can successfully promote lifestyles and philosophies that would otherwise be distasteful to even the most woke individuals.

The same powers engineer terror attacks that destroy skyscrapers, so they can pass legislation to suppress future public outrage to the Great Taking. Those in control mastermind financial market collapses to promote new and novel monetary policy schemes like QE to rape society for generations to come.

The Great Taking in the 1990s

The Great Taking has been an ongoing phenomenon since the advent of the internet in the 1990s and before. The internet has not helped the common man at all, but rather has worked to accelerate the concentration of wealth and power as those in control exploit the internet’s capabilities and technologies to subjugate the masses financially, morally, and spiritually. They promote miscegenation and all sorts of disgusting debauchery. These all work to weaken the fabric of society, so that the confused, multicolored, and demoralized masses pose no resistance to the Great Taking.

The powers crafted regressive tax legislation that greatly enhanced the balance sheets of the wealthiest at the expense of the poorest. To wit, the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 is a case study in how to get the common man to accept being financially raped while helping trickle-down theory become trickle-up reality.

The Great Taking in the 1980s

The Great Taking has been ongoing since the early 1980s when the synagogue’s media promoted open borders and the mongrelization of the population, as well as cultural Marxism to use the minorities to subjugate the majorities. There’s nothing worse than less talented races with a chip on their shoulders. They are a population of takers from the people who were the makers. Of course, this is a very inefficient way to run a country, and the only way to make up the difference is through trillions of dollars of social deficit spending.

The Great Taking in the 1970s and before

Truly, the Great Taking, which has been gradual since the advent of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913, took a higher trajectory in 1971.

The synagogue’s banking powers working through their golem Federal government threw American citizens under the bus in its quest to make the dollar the international reserve currency.  In the wake of the internationalization of the fiat dollar, the borders were widened open and global trade truly became the norm. True price inflation on a yearly basis began to rise higher than officially reported numbers. This allowed Social Security payments, as well as people’s pensions, to be whittled away through attrition. There’s no need to get rid of Social Security as the government has diligently lowered the spending power of the monthly payments for at least 50 years now.

Beginning in the late 1970s, the college industrial complex began to form to ostensibly help the demoralized rabble better prepare themselves to find a job, since entire domestic economic sectors were methodically being dismantled and shipped overseas.


The Federal Reserve has even effectively intimated that they will guarantee all bank deposits, so that we will have our money when we request it. The problem is that the money continues to drop in value on a daily basis. Ask Argentinians how they feel about saving their pesos in a bank account. The good news is that there won’t be any bank holidays, but the money stored there won’t be worth anything.

The Great Taking has already occurred. If we think the costs of life and housing are expensive now, just wait until the end of the decade. The final stages of the Great Taking are now in place as today’s Christian quotes Paul and acts like a functional Buddhist.

The Great Taking? Most of it is already completed.

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  1. Asia Makes a Stand as Dollar Threatens to Upend Currency Markets

    (Bloomberg) — Asian officials went on the offense against the resurgent dollar, with some choosing to stand together but all united in their desire for currency stability.

    The latest salvo came from Japan’s currency chief, who added weight to the matter by restating the Group-of-Seven’s commitment to preventing disorderly moves. Earlier this week, South Korea said it discussed currency concerns with Japan and vowed to counter drastic swings — winning a tacit nod from the US — while China also pledged to avoid excessive volatility in the yuan.

    Policymakers in the region’s emerging markets have been more proactive in taking action, with Indonesia’s central bank dumping dollars in spot and derivatives markets to prop up the rupiah. Malaysian authorities said they stood ready to deploy tools to support the ringgit.

    It’s been a turbulent week for foreign-exchange markets, as strong US data upended wagers on the Federal Reserve’s interest-rate cuts and bolstered the dollar. While the cascade of jawboning helped bring a sense of calmness to Asia on Thursday, the battle against bearish wagers may just be starting as the greenback looks set to reassert its might.

    “There’s little anyone can do to fight the dollar strength,” said Eugenia Victorino, head of Asia strategy at Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken in Singapore. “Unless we see coordinated intervention among the big central banks, jawboning can only slow down the dollar strength — not stop it.”

    The dollar has jumped about 4% this year, outperforming all major currencies. A delay of the keenly anticipated Fed pivot — which the market now expects to happen in September, according to swaps data — means Asian assets will stay unappealing due to elevated Treasury yields.

    Pessimism toward non-dollar currencies peaked this week as another batch of US economic data surprised to the upside. There’s little sign of the economy’s strength letting up anytime soon, as figures this week are set to show jobless claims remaining low.

    The yuan — which is seen as a regional anchor for foreign-exchange stability — added to the pressure, as it dropped to levels unseen since November earlier this week on signs the central bank would allow moderate depreciation.

    Plaza Accord

    Currency weakness has been so drastic that it earned a line in the G-7 statement released Wednesday, which reaffirmed the members’ commitments outlined in May 2017. The agreement seven years ago acknowledged that disorderly movements in currencies can have adverse implications for economic and financial stability, essentially leaving the door open for intervention under certain circumstances.

    Still, analysts say the malaise hasn’t reached a point where authorities across the region have to form an alliance and support their currencies in joint intervention. That was what happened in the mid-1980s, when the world’s most important finance officials imposed a resolution to weaken the dollar — an agreement known as the Plaza Accord.

    The G-7’s commitment “is good enough to set up a psychological resistance for the dollar,” said Christopher Wong, a currency strategist at Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp. in Singapore. “This should provide an extended breather for some of the worst-hit regional currencies such as the won and yen.”

    More painful volatility may still lie ahead for Asian and emerging-market currencies, as they continue to be whipsawed by a strong dollar and China’s sluggish economic recovery. Simmering geopolitical risks in the Middle East and upcoming US elections are likely to damp appetite for risk assets.

    “We still assume that actual intervention will be more effective in anchoring the Asia foreign-exchange complex since the US dollar rally has been driven by diverging macroeconomic fundamentals and monetary policy stances,” said Homin Lee, senior macro strategist at Lombard Odier. “Authorities in the region will maintain that bias to intervene so that they can buy time before the second half when macro and policy divergence could start reversing.”

  2. I’m trying to cash out on my first investment property- first estimate came out with

    70% LTV

    Does this seem inline with what you are seeing?

    1. That’s about right. That’s good. I did a DSCR cash out loan for 75% LTV two months ago on a free and clear property and received a 25 bps. credit just before close as rates dropped. But I still paid 7.525% with two points. I would probably pay 7.785% with 2 pts now. Bond yields have climbed again since. Plus, I was able to get a DSCR ratio of about 1.01x. Most lenders require 1.1 to 1.25x.

      This is an interesting thought. When I borrowed money previously going this route I paid about 6%. That’s when mortgage rates were 3%. Now, there’s a big compression between investor loans and conforming loans. Mortgage rates are about 7.25% while the loans you and I get are in the upper sevens.

      That’s actually really good considering that rents continue to climb on single family properties. Apartment complexes may be different but single families continue to perform better as they’re more attractive to prospective renters.

      I used Visio Lending for my last three loans. From the quote to closing is about 35 to 40 days. Their costs are very reasonable and are lower than elsewhere for the same types of loan products.

      Which lender are you using? I may look them up for the next loan.

      1. Thanks for the feedback. That one was a local broker to me called footecapital, I also was looking at themortgagecalculator, lendingdeck and convoy home loans. It seems like most of these brokers are trying to steer me to full doc / Conventional investor loans but I think I want to do DSCR as I don’t want to have the loan against my personal credit & income. I think I might also get an estimate from Visio Lending see how they compare. I did also inquire on an investment group about the numbers and it sounds like best everyone is seeing right now for cash out DSCR is in the 8s now.

      2. What should one do with a cash out? Are they used to buy other properties? If so, how best to do this? Please explain in common terms 😉 Investing jargon is a bit heavy for me. Thank you.

        1. I’m my case I’m trying to get cash out of the first property to invest in a second property. Utilizing a DSCR investment loan allows me to get money against the income of the property without affecting my personal DTI or using my personal income. I am looking for properties via auction as my first property I found on the MLS but it is hard to find unimproved properties at a good price. I’m generally trying to follow a BRRR strategy that you can find info about all over since it makes sense to me but I guess the simplest goal is to get assets that I can use to earn both positive cash flow and leverage to get further assets with the goal of getting out of the dependency on trading time for money.

          1. I have used DSCR loans over the past decade to buy several properties and add to the portfolio. I use DSCR loans to raise enough cash to buy the next property for all cash. I line up the financing first and obtain the cash. I then hunt for the next property and pay all cash. Sellers will love you. Any cash you want to recoup can be done after you buy that new property with another loan. And the process continues as an investor builds equity.

            It’s a straightforward process and takes advantage of government profligacy.

  3. All of this only works in the post 2008 environment where the Federal Reserve backs up government debt via QE and effectively insures all bank deposits. Those with the assets benefit in every environment under QE….

    What If Fed Rate Hikes Are Actually Sparking US Economic Boom?

    (Bloomberg) — As the US economy hums along month after month, minting hundreds of thousands of new jobs and confounding experts who had warned of an imminent downturn, some on Wall Street are starting to entertain a fringe economic theory.

    What if, they ask, all those interest-rate hikes the past two years are actually boosting the economy? In other words, maybe the economy isn’t booming despite higher rates but rather because of them.

    It’s an idea so radical that in mainstream academic and financial circles, it borders on heresy — the sort of thing that in the past only Turkey’s populist president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, or the most zealous disciples of Modern Monetary Theory would dare utter publicly.

    But the new converts — along with a handful who confess to being at least curious about the idea — say the economic evidence is becoming impossible to ignore. By some key gauges — GDP, unemployment, corporate profits — the expansion now is as strong or even stronger than it was when the Federal Reserve first began lifting rates.

    This is, the contrarians argue, because the jump in benchmark rates from 0% to over 5% is providing Americans with a significant stream of income from their bond investments and savings accounts for the first time in two decades. “The reality is people have more money,” says Kevin Muir, a former derivatives trader at RBC Capital Markets who now writes an investing newsletter called The MacroTourist.

    These people — and companies — are in turn spending a big enough chunk of that new-found cash, the theory goes, to drive up demand and goose growth.

    In a typical rate-hiking cycle, the additional spending from this group isn’t nearly enough to match the drop in demand from those who stop borrowing money. That’s what causes the classic Fed-induced downturn (and corresponding decline in inflation). Everyone was expecting the economy to follow that pattern and “slow precipitously,” Muir says. “I’m like no, it’s probably more balanced and might even be slightly stimulative.”

    Muir and the rest of the contrarians — Greenlight Capital’s David Einhorn is the most high profile of them — say it’s different this time for a few reasons. Principal among them is the impact of exploding US budget deficits. The government’s debt has ballooned to $35 trillion, double what it was just a decade ago. That means those higher interest rates it’s now paying on the debt translate into an additional $50 billion or so flowing into the pockets of American (and foreign) bond investors each month.

    That this phenomenon made rising rates stimulative, not restrictive, became obvious to the economist Warren Mosler many years ago. But as one of the most vocal advocates of Modern Monetary Theory, or MMT, his interpretation was long dismissed as the preachings of an eccentric crusader. So there’s a little sense of vindication for Mosler as he watches some of the mainstream crowd come around now. “I’ve been certainly talking about this for a very long time,” he says.

    Muir readily admits to being one of those who had snickered at Mosler years ago. “I was like, you’re insane. That makes no sense.” But when the economy took off after the pandemic, he decided to take a closer look at the numbers and, to his surprise, concluded Mosler was right.

    ‘Really Weird’

    Einhorn, one of Wall Street’s best-known value investors, came to the theory earlier than Muir, when he observed how slowly the economy was expanding even though the Fed had pinned rates at 0% after the global financial crisis. While hiking rates to extremes clearly wouldn’t help the economy — the blow to borrowers from a, say, 8% benchmark rate is just too powerful — lifting them to more moderate levels would, he figured.

    Einhorn notes that US households receive income on more than $13 trillion of short-term interest-bearing assets, almost triple the $5 trillion in consumer debt, excluding mortgages, that they have to pay interest on. At today’s rates, that translates to a net gain for households of some $400 billion a year, he estimates.

    “When rates get below a certain amount, they actually slow down the economy,” Einhorn said on Bloomberg’s Masters in Business podcast in February. He calls the chatter that the Fed needs to start cutting rates to avoid a slowdown “really weird.”

    “Things are pretty good,” he said. “I don’t think that they’re really going to help anybody” by cutting rates.

    (Rate cuts do figure prominently, it should be noted, in a corollary to the rate-hikes-lift-growth theory that another camp on Wall Street is backing. It posits that rate cuts will actually push inflation further down, not up.)

    To be clear, the vast bulk of economists and investors still firmly believe in the age-old principle that higher rates choke off growth. As evidence of this, they point to rising delinquencies on credit cards and auto loans and to the fact that job growth, while still robust, has slowed.

    Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics, spoke for the traditionalists when he called the new theory simply “off base.” But even Zandi acknowledges that “higher rates are doing less economic damage than in times past.”

    Like the converts, he cites another key factor for this resilience: Many Americans managed to lock in uber-low rates on their mortgages for 30 years during the pandemic, shielding them from much of the pain caused by rising rates. (This is a crucial difference with the rest of the world; mortgage rates rapidly adjust higher as benchmark rates rise in many developed nations.)

    Bill Eigen chuckles when he recalls how so many on Wall Street were predicting catastrophe as the Fed began to ratchet up rates. “They’ll never go past 1.5% or 2%,” he intones, sarcastically, “because that will collapse the economy.”

    Eigen, a bond fund manager at JPMorgan Chase, isn’t an outright proponent of the new theory. He’s more in the camp of those who sympathize with the broad contours of the idea. That stance helped him see the need to refashion his portfolio, loading it up with cash — a move that’s put him in the top 10% of active bond fund managers over the past three years.

    Eigen has two side hustles outside of JPMorgan. He runs a fitness center and car repair shop. At both places, people keep spending more money, he says. Retirees, in particular. They are, he notes, perhaps the biggest beneficiaries of the higher rates.

    “All of a sudden, all of this disposable income accrues to these people,” he says. “And they’re spending it.”

    ©2024 Bloomberg L.P.

  4. The longer end of the yield curve keeps creeping up. All those rate cut expectations seem to be vanishing like a bad smell in the wind. Retail sales come in much stronger than expected as the heathen are raging and doing their YOLO spending like good little consumer Debt slaves, which are DARPA controlled NPCs…. Investors need to lock in financing before it gets even more expensive.

    Core Retail Sales (MoM) (Mar)
    Act: 1.1% Cons: 0.5% Prev: 0.6%

    NY Empire State Manufacturing Index (Apr)
    Act: -14.30 Cons: -5.20 Prev: -20.90

    Retail Control (MoM) (Mar)
    Act: 1.1% Cons: 0.4% Prev: 0.3%

    Retail Sales (YoY) (Mar)
    Act: 4.02% Cons: Prev: 2.11%

    Retail Sales (MoM) (Mar)
    Act: 0.7% Cons: 0.4% Prev: 0.9%

    Retail Sales Ex Gas/Autos (MoM) (Mar)
    Act: 1.0% Cons: 0.3% Prev: 0.5%

  5. I received an email from a sister in Christ…

    You mentioned in your blog in March about all the cancers, even in the unvaccinated. Sorry to hear about your three sisters and your friend getting it. A good friend of mine just lost her daughter to an aggressive cancer and both she and her daughter and husband were unvaccinated.

    I think poison is everywhere, not just in vaccines, but in the air we breathe, water we drink and the foods we eat. Also shedding is probably happening, like the Pfizer documents indicated the vaccines were designed to do.

    I saw this today, and wanted to send it to you. It is heartbreaking to hear what this man (who is an EMT) says about young people he routinely brings home to die from cancer now.


  6. I read that Ed Dowd said banks will be closing with only the 6 largest remaining. I have CD’s at smaller banks – do you think I should pull them out?

    I don’t have the stomach for this.

      1. I hope so. My spouse and I are older and rely on that money. I read that SS will go insolvent – I’m unsure when though. I just had a prescription that was $600. Medicare denies almost everything. A nurse told me she thinks the government wants the old people to die. I’m wondering if she’s onto something…

        A relative wants me to front him the money for a house that he intends to fix and flip. I’d like to help him but I’m wary of putting a large sum of money out like that. He would give me some of his profit. Just thinking about it makes my chest feel tight from pressure. Do you have any thoughts on this? I’m doing okay on CD’s right now but I’m still wary of my money in a bank.

        1. Running money like this is not wise for risk-averse people. He may be able to profit, but in this market it’s hard to as the house flipper may be paying up to buy the property in the first place. For someone who wishes to invest in CDs, I would advise you not to go this route.

  7. From my Bloomberg this morning… I just paid off a loan that resets later this year at a much higher rate. Lock in financing as the multicultural toilet swirls down the drain🚽🪠🧻

    The multiracial Federal government will be spending money on useless projects like a schvartze controlled city-state. Look for plenty more USTs to be swirling around the markets buying up everything. Whitey has the assets, let the heathen rage.


    Two new possibilities in the global inflation fight came into sharper focus this week. First, there’s talk the European Central Bank may attempt something rather bold: An interest-rate cut in June even if the US holds fast. “It’s time to diverge,” Bank of Greece Governor Yannis Stournaras said. “The situations in the euro area and the US are completely different.” The other possibility? Brace yourself, Wall Street. If US inflation remains sticky, the Federal Reserve might do more than simply push back rate cuts. How about another rate hike? It’s not impossible: Robust consumption and investment as well as easing supply-chain problems have fueled strong US growth despite higher interest rates. Over in the world’s second largest economy, there’s a much grimmer economic landscape. Deflationary pressures are still a key threat to China’s stalled recovery. Globally, the International Monetary Fund predicts growth this decade will be only “marginally stronger” if inflation and debt challenges aren’t addressed. Escalating geopolitical tensions—especially Russia’s widening onslaught against Ukraine’s infrastructure and Kyiv’s attacks on Russia’s oil refineries, as well as risk of a regional war in the Middle East—specifically Iranian retaliation against Israel for the attack on its Syrian embassy—have spurred bullish activity in the oil options market.

  8. The tableau has been established and the players are picking sides and strategies. Later in the decade, Jacob’s trouble = Ezekiel 38, 39 = WWIII. You know it seems inevitable now. Getting more difficult to deny… All planned as COVID stimulus and supply chain rearrangements kicked it off in early 2020. No returning.

    China’s economy ‘imploding’ as experts issue warning of chaos around the globe

    Xi Jinping has scrambled to save the Chinese economy.

    China’s economy is “imploding” and this could have huge repercussions around the globe, an expert has warned.


    Uday Kotak, the founder of Kotak Mahindra Bank, says this will have an especially salient impact on the US economy ahead of this year’s election.

    He said on X: “US inflation is higher than expected. Postpones US rate cuts to later, closer to US Presidential elections, if at all. Brent oil is now $90. Will keep rates higher for longer worldwide including India. Only wild card: China imploding economically. Get ready for global turbulence.”

    China has faced several problems with its economy in recent years.

    At the centre of the crisis is the country’s ailing housing market, sparked by the collapse of property giant Evergrande after it accrued $300 billion in debt and was unable to make the interest.

    China’s property market is in crisis.
    Stagnation has also resulted in a stock market crisis and increasing unemployment, leaving ordinary Chinese people in a more precarious position.

    Longer term, China also faces the threat of a rapidly ageing population.

    Fitch Ratings Inc., an American credit rating agency, has dropped its sovereign credit outlook for China from stable to negative.

    They said: “Wide fiscal deficits and rising government debt in recent years have eroded fiscal buffers from a rating perspective.”

    Fitch added that there are “increasing risks” to public finances as a result of the crisis in the property market.

    China’s stock market also suffered a downturn.
    Beijing has challenged Fitch’s analysis, saying that its methodology failed to “reflect the positive role of China’s fiscal policy in promoting economic growth and stabilizing the macro-leverage ratio,” or an economy’s debt relative to Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

    Economist George Magnus, associate at the University of Oxford China Centre, told Newsweek how China’s economy could be impacted by Fitch’s ratings.

    He said: “If the rating did get lowered in future, that would of course impact China’s borrowing costs.

    “It’s not going to cause Beijing to deviate from Xi’s emphasis on high-quality development or investment in new productive forces, but it serves notice that the pursuit of these campaigns isn’t a given if the economy, as Fitch believes, is stressed by lower growth, weak demand, and macro imbalances.”

    1. Gold is telling us that something has changed. I repeat this; we’re NEVER going to see sub-$2,000 again in our lifetimes or until Jesus returns 2,000 years after his death, burial, and resurrection.

      1. I just listed a condo for sale in Prince George’s County, a heavily Black and Hispanic area with only 10% Caucasian. The common charge rose from $374 a month to $518 a month. The master insurance policy premium for the complex rose from $83,000 a year to $462,000 a year. That’s because of the claims history with the residents. I’m warning fellow investors to stay out of the minority areas. The capitalized value of my two condos in that development most likely dropped by at least $50,000 overnight. I don’t know how I’m going to be able to sell the one that I just listed. Stay with your own kind until Jesus returns. Anyone who talks about racism is doing the work of their father the devil. The only time God talks about race in the Bible is in a derogatory sense. He warns the ancient Israelites to stay away from other races and philosophies and the book of Revelation talks about all of the different people. It’s never a good thing. Stay with your own kind, for the love of God

        1. The skin color is not the problem. It is the common bad behavior and bad attitude of a majority of those people of that race that are bad.

          This was going on in ancient Israel. There was a good reason why God told the ancient Israelites NOT to mix with other races.

          1. Race is not independent. I’ve been a property manager for 25 years. Race has all to do with it. Simple minds and those influenced by the adversary think like John Lennon’s song Imagine. Our enemy knows exactly that race determines most everything. Honest non-whites will confess they blame whitey for their problems and they hate whites for their woes. They hate you. Yes, you.

            It’s not about upbringing, and I personally know how people who have been separated from birth are doing and acting the same exact way in their lives 40 and 50 years later when they meet for the first time. It’s all in the DNA.

            The devil tells us otherwise. The DSM-5 tells us otherwise. Psychology has replaced the bible. Don’t be fooled. The older I get, the wiser I become, and the only reason why we have the book of Revelation unfolding now is because all of the races had conjured up falsehoods and compromised too many times to get along. It’s built on tens of trillions of dollars in deficit spending and skin color has all to do with it. I judge righteously. I stay clear of the problems most people face, because I am correct in my assessments regarding people.

      2. I think the Richie’s up top know that something is up and they have lost faith in the fiat currency financial system. That is why precious metals are ripping higher. I don’t see any excitement about precious metals among the common folk yet. In fact the common folk are cashing in their gold and silver at these prices as they need the money.

  9. The driving down of the wage base made it more difficult for the average Joe to find a Gal and start a family I figure. First at the margins but finally everywhere. What a great ploy to slowly undermine the indigenous population. Very ingenious of the adversary. Treasonous leaders let this process start in 1950-60s. THE 5eyes all passed the same legislation allowing turd world immigration to the commonwealth in 1964/65. The Bill’s were all put forward by members of the S.S. I had family that ranted and raved and were somewhat politically active to try and stop this then. They were marginalized and made fun of like Archy Bunker especially by their own family members. Turns out they were right. I am thankful I saw, even back than there was people with eyes to see. It makes me think ignorance is a choice and the Good Lord allows us to make that choice. I’ve never understood the willfully ignorant.

    1. You make a great point here. The entire underpinning of common law is that ignorance is no excuse under the law. It’s actually simple to see why, since many people who find themselves on the wrong side of the law or in civil matters, will claim ignorance. But under common law as well as UCC, ignorance is no excuse, because if it were an excuse, every fraudster would claim ignorance. Thus, under common law and God’s law, ignorance is no excuse. It is imputed that people choose to be ignorant.

      Hosea 4:6 KJV
      My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.

      1. God holds everyone accountable for their actions regardless of excuses. There is no excuse for sin. The only way out of sin is repentance, turning to Jesus Christ, and ending the sinful behavior.

        1. This is very true and so clearly stated!

          Just saw this posted by a convent in Belarus. They often post stories of Saints and sermons of bishops and priests.

          Do not look for support in people, but in God, and the Lord will send you friends who are faithful in spirit.
          Pray with short prayers more often: «Bless o Lord!», «Help o Lord!» learning to do everything in life with God’s blessing and with God’s help. Also, take this prayer to heart: «Lord! You know everything; do to me as You please. Amen».
          The purpose of prayer is not to exhaust ourselves, but to learn to humbly surrender ourselves to the will of God and to patiently bear everything that the Lord allows to happen.
          — Father John Krestiankin

        2. You know another thing I am reflecting on is the notion that until we humbly ask and set our mind on a course God gives us great discretion (aka degrees of freedom). We are free to choose good or evil it seems. We can fortify our minds by asking in prayer to help us to choose righteousness over wickedness. In Spiritual game theory you could call it a Devine precommitment strategy. (Shades of Pascals Wager lol). I figure the Lord of Truth, light and way is inherently logical and loving.
          Can you folks think of any versus that might support this prespective? I know many of you are better biblical scholars than myself.

          1. God’s logic is not our logic. What we think makes sense and what we think is right (e.g. history of the true church) are frauds and deceptions by the devil and his synagogue servants. I even contemplate Paul’s role in the last day’s church. The Catholic Church emphasized him in the Council of Nicaea to please the Jews of that time. Now, I’m not saying Paul’s teachings are incorrect.

            I suspect there will be many at the throne judgment who will be duped. Jesus will ask, why didn’t you listen to my testimony and my apostles over everyone else? Why didn’t you listen to the OT prophets and teachers? He will say, I didn’t overturn any of that stuff.

            What’s logic to us is not logic to God. People have been damned reading CS Lewis trying to understand God’s logic. The only logic I have is that the Bible and Jesus tell us that few are saved and that most of those who think they are will be damned. Paul says the opposite and makes it sound easy and the last days Church claims it so. I side with Jesus. The only logic that I have regarding the Bible is that I obey the word. I obey the testimony of Jesus and I respect the history and the admonitions of the Old Testament as well. Today’s end time Babylonian Church take a different direction.

  10. Mortgage rates… next stop, 8%. Lock in any investment financing now. The Federal Reserve has lost control of the yield curve and inflation. None of this is by chance and look for interest rates and bond yields to continue moving higher.

    The cultural marxists want more spending and the libtard fiscal dispensers are more than happy to oblige. Financially shield yourself from this untoward generation.

    Core CPI (MoM) (Mar)
    Act: 0.4% Cons: 0.3% Prev: 0.4%

    Core CPI (YoY) (Mar)
    Act: 3.8% Cons: 3.7% Prev: 3.8%

    Core CPI Index (Mar)
    Act: 316.70 Cons: 316.57 Prev: 315.57

    CPI (YoY) (Mar)
    Act: 3.5% Cons: 3.4% Prev: 3.2%

    CPI (MoM) (Mar)
    Act: 0.4% Cons: 0.3% Prev: 0.4%

    CPI Index, n.s.a. (Mar)
    Act: 312.33 Cons: 312.10 Prev: 310.33

    CPI Index, s.a (Mar)
    Act: 312.23 Cons: Prev: 311.05

    CPI, n.s.a (MoM) (Mar)
    Act: 0.65% Cons: Prev: 0.62%

    Real Earnings (MoM) (Mar)
    Act: 0.3% Cons: Prev: 0.0%

    1. All indications this morning point to bond yields continuing to rise and inflation continuing to go up. Eventually the US dollar will have lost its value as well as all other world currencies. I think the Fed has lost it and it’s about time they have lost control as they have abused the monetary system.

      Even though I don’t like the Demonrats, I think they will sweep the house, senate , and presidency as a majority of people plus the illegals will vote for their handouts that they were promised. In addition, the younger generation like the freedom to murder babies.

      If I was a betting man for money, I would bet on the Demonrats winning. The USA as we know it is over and out just like ancient Israel in the Old Testament was finished due to the sin and greed of its people who turned away from God.

      1. The powers that be will pull out all stops to prevent Trump from getting into the White House just like the last time. Trump is not going to win for that reason.

        1. Illegals will be allowed to vote in the next election either overtly in some jurisdictions and covertly in other jurisdictions.

        2. Trump = Goldstein

          Trump’s script is prewritten and designed to demoralize and marginalize any bonafide resistance that is left. He’s the most highly paid carnival barker in the history of mankind. He serves the synagogue well.

          Shalom! Mazel tov!

          1. The biggest reason Trump is a traitor and cannot be trusted, IMO, is Operation Warp Speed. The evil is almost unfathomable – the planned crime against humanity this high level demon from the SOS facilitated – yet he walks free amongst the unwashed masses, vying to rise to power again.

            Here’s a well-researched series on why Warp Speed was actually War on Seed. https://theserapeum.com/the-mark-of-the-beast-made-in-gods-image/

              1. I watched the video you posted. I admire Vernon Coleman – he is one of the few doctors who keeps speaking out, despite heavy censorship, and personal and professional repercussions, and he has never monetized his work. Early on in the scamdemic he warned about the vax, and I emailed his videos to everyone I knew (most didn’t listen). He has some books on his website I will probably buy, especially Coming Apocalypse. https://www.vernoncoleman.com/main.htm

                I’ve known for a while our government wants us dead, and I guess as a Christian, this makes me (and you, and no doubt your readers) a terrorist (?)

                The more I learn of our history, the more I realize nothing changes. Highly recommend this prophetic book, based on scripture and written by a Christian historian, Gary Wayne.

                And take a look at this video I began watching called Hellstorm on the merciless bombing of Dresden – no doubt the SOS trying to destroy Menasseh (then and now in various ways, and we may arrive at another Dresden experience again).

                It’s only by the grace and protection of God that we are here right now.
                Thanks for being a fellow truth speaker in these end of times. God be with you.

              2. It’s been a long time analysis of this blog that Ephraim and Manasseh are two brothers that are closely related in the last days, currently now. There are only two Nations today that fulfill the descriptions given on Jacob’s deathbed and their behavior when they were in the northern kingdom. They’re closely aligned at the hip, they were once one, but Manasseh fought on its own terms and founded its own nation, independent of his brother.

                These descriptions have little to do with what these countries look like today, but rather what they were like when they were founded. Britain was the first Christian Nation going back to the first and second century AD. Ephraim had a brother that was prophesied to become the most important Nation the world had ever seen in the last days. I think we know what that nation is. That’s the United States as of the 17th through 19th century.

                These two brothers share a common heritage, without Britain there would be no United States, at least in the form it took. They both share a common language, and according to the deathbed promises, their influence would span the globe, which would include common language, heritage, form of law that would eventually prevail around the world (common law), and their power and influence with stretch around the globe. They both share diplomatic power that has been unrivaled for centuries. The universal language is not German, German law does not prevail around the world, Germany never had the influence that Britain had colonizing the world, nor did Germany ever present itself as a diplomatic power. Indeed, Germany today is part of a union that has relinquished most of its sovereignty. There’s a reason why Britain refuses to join the EU. There’s a reason why Britain considers itself part of Oceania and sides with the United States. It’s in the collective DNA. Two brothers joined at the hip, yet one separates at the last days. They remain friends and close allies. Ephraim spans the globe as we speak as it’s Commonwealth is spread to all four corners of the globe.

                Ephraim and Manasseh, the British Commonwealth and the United States. It will be a time of Jacob’s trouble when both nations are subdued in World war 3. If you think the United States is evil, just wait until it’s Gog and Magog adversaries prevail in the first blow of World war 3. You’ll be wishing for the United States to resurrect itself. Ephraim and Manasseh. The two greatest Nations the world has ever seen since Jesus. No other nations come close to fulfilling these last day prophecies. The rest of northern and western Europe are also remnants of the northern kingdom. They just never were able to fulfill the promises like Britain and the United States.

                Jacob’s trouble will be coming this decade. If you’re not unable to properly identify the true Israel, I feel sorry for you.

  11. I received an email from a prior reader of the old site. I also included my response…

    Hope all is well with you, Mr. Evans.

    Previous to your departure, I listened to you on shortwave and read your former blog regularly. I found you to be a voice of reason and looked forward to the unique mix of economic savvy, Christian-based commentary, as well as the occasional scorching diatribe. I especially enjoyed your detailed views on income-generating assets. You are missed.

    That said, within your blog some time ago I recall reading commentary indicating one should sell everything if Trump was re-elected in 2024 (or buy everything if Biden was re-elected). Curious if you still feel the same today?

    Here was my response…

    I am okay on my end. I hope all is well with you.

    I had to scrap the old website… Thus, I built another site from scratch, terminaleconomics.com, and go by the pseudonym, Thomas Stone. I didn’t port the pre-existing email list and use another provider as I had people who monitored my work. I only added emails when people asked, so the new site gets a lot less traffic. Oh well….

    As for my advice, I would definitely liquify assets if Trump got elected as the synagogue bankers would crash the markets and economy to prove nationalism is not the way to go.

    However, I wouldn’t necessarily take the inverse to be true either, though I would rest more comfortably staying invested if the Democrats retained the presidency. I guess logically, that assumption would be considered denying the antecedent.

    Anyway, I remember corresponding with you in the past, and it’s always good to hear from you. Stop by the new site. I just posted something today with plenty of stuff to offend most everyone.

    Numbers 6:23-27.

    1. The manufactured loss of confidence in the national central banking concept continues and accelerates. Watch as longer dated treasuries get the crap kicked out of them. Yields are rising again and inflation will continue to remain elevated. Prices in my world have started rising again.

      I hope you all got your 7% money for investing. My DSCR loans are now up to 8.5% with no points. Private lenders are demanding higher premiums.

      1. What are your thoughts on CD’s? I could get a higher rate for longer term CD such as one year. However, I’ve been so shaky about what’s happening that I keep getting 3 month CD’s at a lower rate. Am I wrong doing this? Would you say to stick to the larger banks such as JP Morgan, or would. you say to go with an unknown bank?

        1. Why bother with short term cd? High yield savings rates are 5% and the money is accessible if any other investment opportunity arises

    2. How do you think that WW 3 will impact investments, stocks, CD’s, and rentals? It looks like it’s upon us.

      1. We have a few years before this happens. When it does, it won’t matter what you’re invested in. I don’t worry about that yet, but people will always need to live somewhere. The large multinational firms will always be in business, selling to the nation-state governments during World war 3. You need to stop worrying about all this crap. Have faith in the good Lord Jesus Christ and leave everything up to the God of abraham, isaac, and Jacob.

  12. Yes agreed. This all cullminates into a final act though? It looks like the scene is being set for the final curtain to drop very soon. The Force Majore.

    The cyber attack movie (produced?) by big Mike and Barry is the predictive programming/advanced notice of this I wonder? It just has me thinking it’s time to pull our chips off the table and invest in things very close to home.

    1. Get ADT for your vacant rental properties with cameras. The trotskyites are crafting pro-squatter laws for a reason.


      Watch this Dr Zhivago clip where Dr Zhivago comes home during the Russian revolution to find that his home has been overrun by squatters that have taken over his Moscow townhome. All this squatter news is predictive programming to let us know this is coming here, too

      Dear comrades, I hope you see that this is more just.

      1. That clip reminds me of the stories my mother and grandmother told me about their lives in Northern China after the war.

        My mother’s parents lived well because of my grandfather’s work in export / import and naturally he was a target. The red army would just walk into the house and begin scoping out many things. My mom remembers one soldier taking some jade figures saying “my wife will like this” all while my grandmother was sitting still and smoking cigarette after cigarette. My mom was about 9 YO then.

        1. That is why we need to own guns in our possession. Citizens who own guns keep tyrannical authorities at bay. If I was one of those Communist authorities, I would be a lot less willing to break into someone’s house if I knew they could have guns. It is a small wonder why leftists want to stop us from owning guns.

        2. Open borders and the over 100mm lower end immigrants since 1980 have driven down the wage base, while adding up to great profit for landlords like myself and others. I have received 15 applications for a rental house since last week and all of them were rejected.

          I Thank open borders, race dilution, and the continual downward recalibration of IQ exams for all this. SJWs are correct, IQ exams are racist by nature; most races cannot come close to achieving the mean of the IQ exams from 50-100 years ago, so IQ exams get easier to maintain that 100 average. I have a 140 IQ, but I certainly don’t feel gifted. If I took an IQ exam from 70 years ago, I would perhaps achieve a 125. My one advantage over others is that I am able to spot how people allow themselves to get scammed. We are now fully living with three generations of scammers who also get scammed.

          Every year, applicant screening gets ever more difficult. These people don’t bother servicing debts anymore, are utterly unable to manage their daily affairs, blame whitey for their woes, and outright lie. This is why I have to spend so much time screening functional multicolored children. NONE of this shit goes on with my properties in white areas. NONE.

          The world is full of over injected retards who can’t even tie their own shoelaces.

          1. You hit the nail on the head. In this world you have to be racist and politically incorrect in order to survive and preserve your well being.

            Years ago, many blacks were kind and friendly. That is not the case today as the younger generations of blacks and Latinos have been programmed to believe that whitey has screwed them and they should not be like whitey. As a result they dumb themselves down to self destruction as they shun education because it is racist and anti colored.

            1. In my experience working in a black neighborhood for 20 years, they are anything but dumb.

              I’ll say not dumb in a sense when it comes for them to get “theirs.” They know how the system works better than many of us. Certainly better than I. They are claiming every possible disability and reaping benefits. They walk around in expensive clothes and generally live well. The mentality is warfare. They know every angle in how to manipulate the unsuspecting whites. They are Oscar wining actors, clever thieves, fully understand business economics in terms of cost vs. profit (stolen goods). Do not underestimate them. I’m not judging but only observing what I have seen. They are not born this way and it’s the communist inspired teaching in schools and decades of the tunnel vision black community mentality that has created these monsters. On a positive note I have met some very upstanding black folks in the same neighborhood and elsewhere.

            2. I don’t “hate” black people, nor do I hate any people in particular. I’m not a respecter of persons. My contention is that minorities, by nature, are easily susceptible to the Marxist lines of thinking. This is especially true in the black community and I see this first hand.

              Why blacks become a problem in society is simple. Ask any honest black person and they will say that they don’t trust government and that it’s run by the whites. They have a deep distrust of white people, which causes deep division within the populace. Of course, this is all manufactured by the synagogue media. Yet, in Black dominated jurisdictions, all I see is oppressive government control of the populations and a very liberal and Marxist mindset. Blacks vote themselves in to heavy-handed government intervention. It is a great non sequitur, and this double mindedness is a curse on the people.

              For these reasons alone, I warn my fellow Caucasian investors to avoid minority dominated areas. You will be in the crosshairs over the next several years. This is especially true if you are a landlord to minorities.

              I’m having an ever more difficult time relating to today’s blacks as tenants, and I’ve been a property manager for 25 years. Black culture is so different than it was just 25 years ago; and it did not move in a good direction. Of course, this culture shift is not grassroots, but was given from the top down from the social psychologists at DARPA, CIA, and the Pentagram.

      2. Oh God something else. They’re making squatting legal?

        We purchased a 2nd property with a small house on it and it’s sitting empty for now. We had cameras up but family who was staying there temporarily didn’t want the wifi on so we turned it off. Now we have cameras up but they’re not on and we’re nowhere near the property.

        Is there some other way to prevent someone from squatting besides cameras? A relative is a house flipper and has dealt with removing squatters. The open border is creating a wave of squatters. A gang was in the last house and I really feared for his safety after he had them evicted. They stole everything of value out of the house.and trashed it.

        1. If you are concerned about squatting, I would contact ADT or the like and install an alarm system. Post the alarm system signs as well. This way you will know if an intruder shows up.. ADT uses cameras, too. Very effective. I think the news hypes the problem, but an oz. of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

    2. Invest in what at home?

      Anyone have any thoughts on whether it’s safe to buy CD’s in the Bank of China? They offered a good rate but I am nervous as heck.

      Anyone have any thoughts as to when the cyber attack will hit??? How is everyone protecting themselves?

      1. No. Do not buy CDs. Stick your money and money market funds and domestically domicile Banks and brokers. The money is guaranteed by the Fed. The FED has stated it will effectively guarantee all Bank deposits. The FDIC be damned.

      2. Another option to consider is US Treasury bills. The 1 to 3 month US Treasury bills are paying over 5% right now. If you have an online brokerage account like Fidelity, Schwab, or Ameritrade you can buy the treasury bills commission free for a discount from face value and hold them to maturity. The catch to all this is you have to monitor when they mature and roll them over to new Treasury bills on the date they mature in order to maintain the high returns. You would have to do this with CDs anyway. I know from experience when banks automatically roll over your CDs they roll over to much lower rate CDs. Don’t trust banks.

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